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Iceni Magazine | June 25, 2024

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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Paint Your Room

Paint Your Room

Painting the walls is one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to improve your home and it is amazing the difference that this can make particularly if they have been the same for a number of years.

Spring is actually the perfect time of year for you to do this, so if you are looking to make a positive change to your home then this is certainly worth considering.

A Season of Life & Colour

Spring is a season that is all about life, colour, positivity and new energy. This makes a big difference to winter, so you should find that painting the walls in spring will not only make your home look better but it could also lift your mood and improve your mental health. The colour(s) that you use will depend entirely on your preference, but for spring you might want to think about light shades of white, blue, yellow or other bright shades which could make the room look and feel much brighter as opposed to darker shades.

Perfect Conditions

Another reason that spring is a good time to paint the walls is that the weather is much warmer and drier, which should help the paint to dry faster – humidity is also low, which should stop moisture from getting trapped. You will hopefully be able to have the windows fully open and this can make a big difference to the drying time when it comes to painting the walls.

Painting Tips

When it comes to painting a room, you will always need to prioritise protection. This will include putting down newspaper and masking tape as well as covering or moving any furniture, but you also need to consider your own protection as paint can be toxic so you should wear adequate respiratory protection and to keep the windows open. It is then a case of prepping the walls and trim, starting with the ceiling, painting the trim, taping the edges and roll painting the walls.

Spring is the perfect time for a fresh coat of paint on the walls and you will be amazed at the difference that this can have to your home. A new colour can rejuvenate the space, help you to embrace the new season and could even have a big impact on your mental health. Spring is also the ideal season for painting the walls, but you must always take care and know the steps to painting walls successfully.

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