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Iceni Magazine | March 1, 2024

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Ideas to keep yourself entertained at home

Ideas to keep yourself entertained at home

Staying at home has been challenging for many of us, but with the news that we will likely be socialising outdoors and enjoying a sense of normality soon, we only have to entertain ourselves at home for a little while longer.

Nevertheless, many of us are finding it hard to keep ourselves entertained, having already worked our way through box sets, quizzes, puzzles and books. But with the summer months beckoning and reunions on the cards, tying your at-home entertainment to your future plans could be the best way to make it through.

From getting your body strong for summer to practicing your skills in the kitchen, here is our guide to staying entertained at home just a little while longer.

Home workouts

In just a few weeks, gyms will hopefully be open again, so why not mix up or start a new home workout routine in the meantime. It might only be 30 minutes of exercise you do, but it will give you a rush of endorphins and keep you motivated to stay entertained in other ways at home.

Spring cleaning

Admittedly, this might not sound like the most exciting way to keep yourself entertained at home. However, getting your home neat, tidy and above all clean is great way to while away some hours. Start by clearing out anything you don’t need and donating it to a good cause. Then get your home spick and span and ready for summer!

Interior decorating

Before you can have family and friends visit again, why not get your home ready for guests. Get the paint rollers out and redecorate your spare room or update your bathroom. A do-it-yourself interiors project can keep you entertained for days and weeks. Plus, at the end of it, you’ll have something to show off about.

Exterior decorating

Meeting outdoors looks set to be one of the first things we can do again, so why not make your garden or patio inviting for guests. Whether you want to create a BBQ or bar area or just a great space to sit, relax and enjoy a catch up, an exterior project is a great way to use your time at home.

Practice cooking

Whether you’re a skilled cook or not, practicing your skills in the kitchen is a great way to stay entertained. It will also come in handy when you host friends and family again, as you can dazzle them with a fantastic meal you made yourself. Moreover, if you are hosting for a large group of people, or the weather is just too nice not to sit outside, then you can research this collection of Broil King grills and purchase one that is suited to your needs. You can learn some great recipes outside of the usual hot dogs and burgers, and really impress everyone in attendance by providing a buffet of options.


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