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Iceni Magazine | August 13, 2022

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3 Easy Ways to Update Your Bedroom with Minimal Effort

3 Easy Ways to Update Your Bedroom with Minimal Effort

If it’s been a while since you updated your bedroom, the chances are you’re falling out of love with it and starting to find the walls drab and dull.

To regain peace in your bedroom again, there are a few little changes you can make to really pick things up. You may even find that changing things around in your bedroom gives you a better night’s sleep and makes you more productive in the long run. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to switch things up, with minimal effort!

Buy a new bedspread

A new bedspread, quilts and cushions included, can totally transform a room.
If you’ve been snoozing under a bright pattern, switch to something elegant and sophisticated that has minimal detail.

Likewise, if you have always opted for safe old white, maybe now is the time to find a pattern that makes you smile. As Pantone named Greenery their colour of 2017, perhaps look for something that brings the outdoors in with some natural details in shades of green. The Palms Jacquard Bed Linen from Feather & Black will add a tropical touch to your bedroom and looks perfect paired with some cream cushions.

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Update your curtains

Bedrooms need good light blockers to give you the best sleep. Whether you choose blinds or curtains, a good way to shake things up in your room is to alter whatever frames your windows. With so many ready made curtains available these days you have plenty of options on colour, material, sizes and patterns.

Curtains are usually the best option for bedrooms as they can provide complete blackout to give you the best night’s sleep, especially in the summer months! If you’re updating children’s rooms and have limited space, curtains can provide a great room separator for that little bit of privacy without having to move house.

Don’t underestimate space and light

A bedroom needs to be dark at night time but have plenty of light throughout the day, so many sure your light fixtures are doing their job. If you have a darker room, consider using brighter bulbs and lots of mirrors to reflect the natural light you do have.

If you’ve had your lamps and shades for some time, revamp them by either adding trimmings or invest in something new. There are some beautiful lighting options available online now that won’t break the bank, such as this non-electrical number from Easy Lighting.

There you have it – three relatively simple, but really effective, ways of revamping and updating your bedroom to give it a fresh new look.


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