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Iceni Magazine | July 1, 2022

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The Easy Way to Transform Your Living Room

The Easy Way to Transform Your Living Room

It’s the room we spend possibly the most time in, relaxing in the evenings and entertaining guests – it’s a bit of a do-it-all hub.

Naturally, it’s easy to get tired of the room’s décor or start to feel like the atmosphere of the room isn’t exactly where it should be. If you’ve found yourself feeling this way, then it may time for a little interior rejig. If your budget is tight, low-cost solutions can be found if you know where to look. Living room furniture sale is a great opportunity to grab a bargain. Below are some easy ideas to consider if you’re in the mood to transform your living room.

Change the Walls

Chances are, the walls in your living room are a shade of white or magnolia and changing them will have a huge impact on the look of your room. You don’t have to for a bold shade if that’s too daring, opting instead for a pastel grey, coral, or green – the possibilities are pretty much endless. Changing the wall colour will transform the light in your room, making everything seem fresh again. Sometimes painting a whole room can seem like too much of a project, in which case consider an accent wall instead. Look at the colours already in the room and pick out a dominant or a contrasting shade; as you’ll be painting a single wall, you can go a little bolder and even darker.


Change Your Sofa

Sofas are the focal point of any living room. A sofa must be comfortable, no argument, but it also has to look great as it takes up far too much space in the room to be an afterthought. The variety of sofa designs is now so vast that it’s worth spending some time browsing and trying out different styles. Choose from retro-inspired styles or the forever chic minimalist Scandi designs; if a classic shape is what you’re after then consider playing with fabrics and colours instead – velvet, leather, tweed and a variety of pastel and bright colours. Dress up your sofa with cushions, taking care to not get too coordinated, play with textures and colours to bring some individuality to the styling.

Change Your Rug

Whether you already have a rug or are looking for one, take this opportunity to think about how it will fit into your room. Even the most minimal of living rooms can be instantly uplifted with a well-chosen rug, either to compliment it or provide a little bit of needed contrast. Patterned rugs are ideal and low-commitment way to create some interest, transforming the feel of the living room. Texture is also important to consider within the context of your living room with high pile rugs adding extra cosiness and luxury to a room whilst short pile rugs tend to fit in well with a more paired back design.

Change the Art

Adding artwork to walls is the thing many decorators drop the ball on – it’s left to the last minute and by that time everyone has already had enough. There are probably some walls in your living room that could be brightened up with some new artwork. You could get one large print, creating a focal point, or hang a series of different pictures constituting a gallery wall. Art and prints don’t have to be expensive as there are now a lot of different retailers offering stylish pieces at reasonable prices. Look beyond typical print retailers though, places like car-boot sales and museum shops are all full of inexpensive yet stylish art for your home.


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