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Iceni Magazine | August 3, 2021

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Tips For Anyone Wanting To Sell Their Norfolk Products Online

Tips For Anyone Wanting To Sell Their Norfolk Products Online

Norfolk has a rich business past and present. Take some essential tips from Norfolk’s many success stories and apply them to selling your own Norfolk products online.

Below I looked at 3 thriving Norfolk companies and covered off the great ecommerce tips you can get from them hearing their stories.

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Gnaw Chocolate – Build and maximise your email list

Though it’s less than a decade old, Gnaw is already one of Norfolk’s treasures. Specialising in chocolate that’s natural and delicious, Gnaw is hand-crafted by squirrel chocolatiers, and sold in 24 countries (including the UK).

While Gnaw began by being sold in shops around Norfolk, the brand’s sales approach has one knockout tip for anyone who wants to sell their own products online. That tip is to build your followers through your email list.

Gnaw takes a simple approach to building its email list. As soon as you visit the site you’ll find the below message at the bottom of your screen:

Tips For Anyone Wanting To Sell Their Norfolk Products Online

Credit: Gnaw

It’s not big, not flashy, or irritating, but it does gnaw at you. The idea of “offers and competitions” raises your curiosity levels and gets you thinking about all the things going on at Gnaw. It’s a great lesson on the importance of reciprocity when it comes to email marketing. Treating your email list like your ‘fans’ will keep you honest and on the right path.

Getting email addresses from site visitors is really important if you want to sell your products online. Why? Because email marketing has the best ROI (Return On Investment) of any form of marketing – check the stats:

  • Email marketing has an ROI of 122% – 4x more than any other form of marketing
  • Nearly 100% of marketers say email is their primary marketing channel
  • There are 3.7 billion email users in the world

If you want to become a global success, like Gnaw, you can’t ignore these figures.

But in order to make the most of your email list you’ll need to use email marketing software to help you scale and automate. There are plenty of options when choosing your email marketing software, so decide which one works best for you, and commit to offering value at all stages of the email lifecycle.

Norfolk Gin – Outsource your order fulfilment 

Handcrafted in Norwich and leading a gin revolution – one which is turning this former soldiers drink into the hipsters beverage of choice – Norfolk Gin began life on a kitchen table and is now one of the finest gin brands in the land.

One of the ways this company has been able to achieve this is the online sales model it has adopted. While it has its own website, you can’t buy the gin directly from Norfolk Gin. Instead, the company chooses to partner with retailers and wholesalers.

You find these in the “Buy Now” section of the website, where you’ll be directed to a page featuring the following retailers:

Tips For Anyone Wanting To Sell Their Norfolk Products Online

Credit: Norfolk Gin

There are a number of benefits to adopting this sales process, including:

  • Reduces your shipping and operating costs –While it’s not a hidden cost, sorting and paying for a courier can cost more than you expect. Passing this on to an external company takes this cost away from your business
  • Extend the reach of your business –Partnering with other companies means that you can expand your business into different areas and make the most of co-marketing opportunities.

Even if you can’t get prestigious retailers to stock your products, you can outsource picking and packing using wholesalers, dropshippers, and third-party fulfilment centres. Using Norfolk Gin’s tip of outsourcing your order fulfilment means you can start selling your Norfolk products online for less. It also frees up your time to focus on other areas of your business. And the great thing is that when you’ve scaled-up you can bring your order fulfilment process in-house.

Kettle Foods – Showing you the value of a business

Kettle Foods has been around for a lot longer than Norfolk Gin and Gnaw Chocolate. Established in 1978 by Cameron Healy, Kettle Foods made the company’s first chip in 1982 before setting up shop in Norwich 6 years later.

There are a number of tips that Kettle Foods that your Norfolk business can take from Kettle Foods. However, we’re focussing on the most important lesson: how to get maximum value for your business. 

Things at Kettle Foods were a little different in 1982, as you can see from the image below:

Tips For Anyone Wanting To Sell Their Norfolk Products Online

Credit: Kettle Foods

Founded by Cameron Healy in Salem, Oregon, as N.S. Khalsa Company, it was the move to Norwich in 1988 that gave Kettle Chips its current name. 18 years later this little potato chip company was sold for $320 million. It has since been sold twice more, with the most recent sale (in 2016 to Campbell Soup) being for $4.9 billion.

If you have an existing business, there are a number of factors for you to take into account when finding its true value. This article has some top tips on how to help you establish how much money you could eventually sell it on for. Of course, monetary value isn’t everything when it comes to running a product or passion business — but it makes sense to make the most of your business assets whilst you have them.

Competitor research and analysis is a good place to start, as your business will be part of a much wider business ecosystem. Checking out ecommerce businesses on the market gives you a chance to spot some potential goldmines and deepen your understanding of profitable ecommerce niches on both a local and a global scale. And while not every business idea will end up making you $4.9 billion, there are plenty out there which you can get real value from.

Focus on developing a great product and creating a brand that effectively communicates the value of your product, but be flexible and ready to change. The online environment is changeable and full of opportunities for those ready to take them. Spend time refining your working practices and make the most of the latest tech in order to stay competitive.

These 3 brands are just a handful for the many wonderful Norfolk businesses that you can get valuable tips from. Learn from Gnaw Chocolate, Norfolk Gin, and Kettle Foods — then take your learning to the next level by looking at some of these successful Norfolk businesses.


Kayleigh Alexandra is a content writer for Micro Startups — a site dedicated to giving through growth hacking. Check out the blog for tips and tricks to help you expand and get value for your business. Follow us on Twitter @getmicrostarted.


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