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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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Web Development vs App Development: Which One Has Better Career Path?

Career Path

With their penetration in every walk of life, Web development and mobile app development have already emerged as the two leading career options for most app projects.

Both web development and app ontwikkeling involve their required skills and have different markets. When you compare them concerning the career opportunities, you need to consider several aspects.

Let’s now make a comparison between career opportunities of web development vs mobile app development.

Mobile App Development as a career option

Since mobile apps are pretty much into anything and everything in our lives, the demand for expert mobile app developers is very unlikely to experience a slowdown anytime shortly. On the contrary, talented app developers are now sought after by businesses and organisations across all niches.

Reasons to choose a mobile app development career.

There are many reasons to choose mobile app development as your career option. Let’s have a look at a few of these reasons.

  • Skyrocketing demand: Developing mobile apps is something every business focuses on to shape their digital footprint and take on the opportunities of global outreach. Naturally, expert app developers will always face overwhelming demand.
  • New skills: App world is continuously evolving with new technologies and tools. Several new languages, frameworks, and tools appeared to pose new demand for new skills and expertise in the last few hours. This opens up fresh opportunities for aspiring developers.
  • High earning: Today, expert app developers quickly get a fat pay package once their skills and expertise is well established. Specialist app developers with the latest skills and experience are likely to experience steady growth in their earnings.
  • Diverse career opportunities: The career of mobile app developers is no longer just limited to one designation. App developers depending on their skills, experience, and expertise, can fit into a mobile architect, project manager, software engineer, Q&A expert and many others.
  • Creative challenges: Mobile app developers can easily shape their career with unique creative abilities put into winning app projects. By acquiring and sharpening new skills and brainstorming new app ideas, app developers can quickly push the boundary of career opportunities further than their assigned roles.
  • Sought after by leading brands: Mobile app developers with proven track record and exposure across challenging app projects are widely sought after by leading companies and business brands of every niche such as Facebook, Ford Motor Company, Twitter, Apple, American Express, Uber, Marriott International, Inc, Amazon, Google, Deloitte and too many others.
  • Expand your skills quickly: Mobile app developers starting with one skill or expertise can extend promptly to different other skills. As a Java developer, you can fit into the Android development space and soon can learn Kotlin as it is very much similar to Java. Mobile app developers with continuous exposure to different projects continue to learn and bring more skills to their arsenal.
  • Robust community support: With unprecedented outreach and popularity, app developers also boast a robust and expanding worldwide community of developers. Mobile app developers can easily reach out to the online community for many challenging app projects and get instant help.
  • Manageable learning curve: Unlike days before, today, aspiring developers can quickly and easily learn mobile app development skills through DIY or no-code platforms and learn new skills incrementally as they progress.
  • A breeding ground of new technologies: Lastly, mobile apps are now considered the breeding ground of all advanced and trending technologies shaping digital interactions. Whether it is the Internet of Things (IoT) or Big Data Analytics or intelligent chatbots, or Blockchain database, every latest technology finds it useful for mobile app projects.

Web Development as a career option

Web development referring to the creation and management of websites, remained a significant career option for years. Since websites make up the first and foremost digital footprint, web development career options continue to flourish. Web developers are still high in demand, and new web technologies continue to bring fresh energy to web development skill.

Reasons to choose a web development career.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the key reasons to choose a web development career.

  • Overflowing demands: Websites are still the prima facie of the digital presence for any business brand, and hence they never fail to experience any slump in demand. Since mobile apps are expensive for startups and small businesses, websites are preferred to take online business opportunities.
  • Lower learning curve: Many robust and rich CMS platforms allow building a highly functional website just through drag and drop actions. The most popular web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP languages boast extensive online communities and free learning resources that an aspiring developer can use to learn and step into the web development profession.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA): Web technologies like PWA helped evaporate the dividing line between websites and mobile apps and offered users a native app-like experience through websites. This is adding a new and highly demanded skill to the arsenal of web developers.
  • Exposure to new technologies: Web projects continue to get the highest exposure to the latest and most trending technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, chatbots, cloud support and many others. As an expert web developer, you always stay in the thick of whatever is happening in the tech world.


From the discussion mentioned above, it is clear that career opportunities on both sides of the divide between web and mobile app development are huge. It is also important to remember that a developer can smoothly switch between these two development skills, and there are established tools and approaches to do that.

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