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Iceni Magazine | July 1, 2022

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Summer In The South: 3 Tips On How To Prepare Your Sussex Garden For Summer

garden for summer

Whilst you can grow fruits and vegetables that will be enjoyed by yourself and guests, gardening has numerous health benefits, which includes helping to boost your mood.

As the summer months are quickly approaching and lockdown restrictions begin to ease, many of us are searching for ways to improve our garden ready for visitors on the warmer days. If you are fortunate enough to have a garden space in the south and are looking for ways to improve it, here are just a few tips to bring life to your garden this summer.

Tackle Any Pests And Weeds

Tackling weeds is a job despised by all gardeners but one that needs to be done. Spring is the ideal season to remove any weeds that plague your lawn and soil. If you have any weeds growing between paving cracks or slabs on your patio garden surface, ensure that they are removed to help make your garden look neater. Additionally, it will also help to prevent the weeds from taking the nutrient from the soil that your other plants require.

Aside from weeds, another job to tackle is to free your garden of any pests, in particular, slugs who will cause the most damage to your flower beds. Instead of using toxic pesticides to solve the issue, use alternative natural solutions that are environmentally friendly, such as broken nutshells and eggshells. Placing these around your plants creates a barrier that will prevent slugs from damaging your flowers.

For other pest infestations such as wasp and ants nests or mice infestations, you might want to consider hiring a professional to treat this issue. Fortunately, there are businesses, like DK Environmental, that handle pest control in East Sussex. Businesses such as these can help to remove the infestation you have in your garden with the most humane methods in their treatments.

Create A Haven For Wildlife

Having a garden that is attractive to wildlife is a wonderful thing. You can look out of your windows into your garden to see squirrels and hedgehogs. However, one of the best parts is when you sit outside and can hear the birds chirping in the trees above. Many people purchase seeds and nuts or leave out water for the birds to enjoy.

Whether you have guests coming to visit or you are spending time outside alone, you can enjoy the sounds of the wildlife around you as soak up the sun and get your vitamin D.

Add Some Colour

Finding and planting flowers is a job that is on the more enjoyable side of gardening. If you are wanting to have a garden that is bursting with vibrant colours, then finding and planting a selection of colourful flowers is a top priority. To achieve a garden that is brimming with vivid colours and delightful flowers this summer, it is advised that you plant your seeds in the springtime – as it allows time for your plants to be fully grown when summer comes around.

Planting seeds requires very minimal effort. All you need to do is find a spot in your garden, dig a small hole, cover the seeds with soil and then water them regularly – even if it rains. Come summertime, you will have a garden that is filled with an array of colours that will be visibly appealing to both you and guests.

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