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Iceni Magazine | December 2, 2021

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Clearing Out your Garden for the Summer Season

Clearing Out your Garden for the Summer Season

What’s your favourite thing about the summer time?

Sitting out on your patio sipping a glass of wine? Dipping your feet into the kids’ paddling pool to cool yourself down? Sharing a barbecue with family and friends? All of those options involve sitting outside and therefore, it is important to create an outdoor area in which you are able to relax. No one wants to be munching on a hot dog whilst staring at what was supposed to be the vegetable patch, which is actually just an overgrown area filled with weeds and a bag of grass cuttings!

First of all, start by making sure that the groundwork is done. It is important to have plenty of heavy duty garden waste bags from companies like Weirbags on standby as you will definitely need them! Take up all the weeds and apply a layer of mulch to the soil. You should aim for a depth of between 5 and 10 cm to ensure the soil is protected. This will also help to prevent weeds growing through. Throughout the summer, make sure to keep the level topped up. Just like you wouldn’t apply moisturiser to your skin just once and expect it to do its job forever, you shouldn’t just put on one layer of mulch (whether that is bark chips, pebbles or any other type). Try to remember not to apply too much too close to the roots of plants and bushes because this can cause rot. Next, be sure to remove any flowers that are spent. That does not mean you have to remove the entire thing. Taking the heads off is enough to stop them wasting energy on re-seeding.

Many summers involve drought and your poor garden can suffer. Try to make sure it has enough water, but remember to listen to advice and stick to the law. If there is a hosepipe ban, restrict the amount of water you use. If your area is prone to regular bans, why not consider adding lots of drought-resistant plants such as cacti, grasses and succulents? They can look really attractive and are certainly a better option than wilted, dead plants if there is insufficient moisture in the ground. Lavender is another great choice. Not only does it look attractive and need very little water, it also attracts bees. Nowadays, we are all aware of how important they are to the earth, so do your little bit for the environment and create a bee-friendly area. Herbs can also serve multiple purposes. Most require very little water, but they can also be used in the kitchen and the majority attract bees as well. What’s not the like about the idea of a herb garden?

Finally, make sure to give the patio a great scrub. Using a pressure washer can make your paving slabs look like new! Certainly, it’ll make you feel a lot happier about the view you have when you’re sitting with a glass of Pimms and lemonade in your hand.

Clearing out your garden will make you feel less stress. It will be the perfect place for socialising with friends, but also a great space in which your children can play late into the summer evenings.

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