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Iceni Magazine | January 23, 2021

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How to create an outdoor area you can relax in

How to create an outdoor area you can relax in

With the worst of winter (hopefully) behind us, we can begin to look forwards to the more pleasant weather of the spring and summer months.

Spending time outside has far-ranging benefits for our health and wellbeing, such as increased levels of vitamin D, lower levels of depression, and improved concentration (Harvard University), and there’s no more convenient way of getting outdoors than by relaxing in your own garden. When the coldest months are over, we start redecorating and cleaning not only our home interiors but the outside patios and garden areas of our houses as well. If you are looking to improve the outside look of your house, especially during the days when the sun still sets early, hanging up bespoke neon signs can help make the atmosphere homier, even while you are enjoying the company of your friends and family outside. After all, your garden and patio are just as much a part of your home as the rooms inside your house!

Below, we’ve listed our top tips for creating an outdoor space that you can really relax in this spring and summer. Read on to find out more.

Get ready for al-fresco dining

A great way of using your outdoor space to relax is to enjoy some al-fresco dining in the evening sun, so you will need the ideal spot to serve your delicious food. Not only will you and your family be able to enjoy meals outside, but a nice table and chair set will give you the perfect place to host friends and relatives for parties and barbecues.

To really enjoy your dining experience, you’ll need to invest in some quality furniture that is robust enough to survive outside, while also offering a high level of comfort for long periods of sitting. Wyevale Garden Centre’s stylish range of garden furniture sets are well worth a look as they will provide you with everything you need to serve up a treat in one premium package.

Embrace the sensuality of your space

One way of really turning your garden into the perfect relaxing habitat is to set it up with sensuality in mind. By embracing the potential your outdoor space has to stimulate to your senses, you can sit back and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells.

There are quite a few simple ways that you can turn your garden into a sensual sanctuary. Add some soothing sounds by adding a water feature, hanging a wind chime up, or planting some whispering grasses. You can cultivate some fragrant flowers like lilac, lavender, or gardenias for a scented summer garden, as well as growing pansies, hellebores, and crocuses to add a few pops of colour.

Attract wildlife to your garden

Imagine seeing a butterfly drifting past your window or a small bird enjoying the sun on the edge of a bird table — pretty idyllic, right? Well, it’s been found that being closer to nature can help to reduce stress and improve our mood (University of Minnesota), so why not bring it closer to your home by attracting some wildlife to your garden?

By setting up a bird table or bath and some feeders, you can provide some of our feathered friends with a place to rest and have a bite to eat — just be sure to follow the RSPB’s guide to keeping cats away when you do. Butterflies have also had a tough time recently, so be sure to grow some of their favourite plants like buddleia, marjoram, and lavender if you want to enjoy them in your garden.

Enjoy your summer soundtrack outside

Where would a great summer be without a soundtrack of your favourite songs? Whether you’re outside relaxing in the sun or hosting a few friends for a food and drinks, you need a way to play your music in your garden so that everyone can enjoy it. However, depending on how close your sound system is to your back doors, you may need to look into ways you can play your summer jams without them sounding muffled.

One easy way to solve this problem is by investing in a portable outdoor speaker that can deliver a good quality of music. Basshead Speakers has put together a list of the best portable Bluetooth systems that are also totally weatherproof for use outdoors. This means that you can use them in your garden or wherever else your summer travels may take you.

Take our top tips on board and you will be able to enjoy an incredibly relaxing spring and summer in your garden. Start putting things in place now to make sure you’re ready when the warmer weather finally rolls around.


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