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Iceni Magazine | August 18, 2022

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Questions to ask your Wedding Singer or DJ

Questions to ask your Wedding Singer or DJ

Hiring the right wedding supplier for your big day is a tricky job, but I would argue that the wedding singer or wedding DJ is the most important of all suppliers!

I shall outline some questions worth considering when on the look out for entertainers. 

Are You Available On My Big Day?

Obviously, this is the most basic of requirement, but it’s a question that has to be asked. Your initial dealings should also cover exact costs, including all travel expenses and accommodation where applicable.

How Experienced Are You?

Again, a very obvious and important question. You should be able to determine a supplier’s level of experience from their website, reviews and social media – but nothing will let you know more than talking to them. Are the answers to your questions second nature or are you stumping them? Are they helping you think of possibilities you didn’t realise existed? Are they making you feel at ease? If these answers to these questions are all ‘yes’, you will have an experienced supplier on your hands. 

Where can I see your REAL reviews?

As everyone knows, reviews on the internet can be very untrustworthy. Be very wary of someone who has lots of reviews from family or friends. It’s easy for people with lot’s of friends on social media to achieve high ratings. Real comments and reviews by real couples are what you should seek.

Are You Available for Meetings?

Meeting with a wedding supplier is the easiest way to gauge their services and find out if you will be a fitting partnership to make your day the best it can be.

Are You on Social Media?

Your supplier’s social media accounts should be the mainline straight to information on their services. You should be able to see past work, past venues, past couples, videos, photos, reviews and much more.

Have You Been to My Venue?

Knowledge of a venue and it is staff can often be the extra fine detail that makes sure you get the best from the venue on your wedding day. There’s so much can vary from venue to venue – if your supplier knows this in advance, they can help you plan for your venue specifically.

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Will You Tailor My Music?

The whole point of hiring a wedding supplier and not just a random guy, is the personal service – the tailored touch. This day is amongst the most personal you will ever have. Make sure your music is personal to you.

Will You Help Me Plan?

Planning a wedding can sometimes feel like a never-ending task! A good supplier should take a little of that stress from you and make things easier. It’s the sign of a good supplier. Any extra help can go a long way, so always check whether your entertainer can plan WITH you.

Are You Flexible Around Restrictions?

Venue restrictions are very common. Find out if your chosen supplier will be able to work around these early on. Some venues will even try to make you have their own suppliers, so it’s worth double checking that your entertainment is allowed to provide their services at your venue. 

Are your tests and insurances in place?

An important question. This is a necessary requirement at most venues and an experienced pro will always have them in place. If your supplier does not – alarm bells should ring. This will mean they’ve never worked at a reputable wedding venue before.

I hope this set of questions helps someone with their wedding planning and the sourcing of their wedding entertainment. It can be a minefield out there, so any information that can save you one small trouble on your wedding day is always valuable!

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