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Iceni Magazine | March 1, 2024

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Modern Society and Depression: Facts, Causes and Possible Solutions

Modern Society and Depression: Facts, Causes and Possible Solutions

According to the World Health Organization, about 300 million people in the world are suffering from clinical depression.

In the US, about 6.7% of the total adult population also suffered from major depressive episodes in 2018 alone, which amounts to roughly 16.2 million adults. It was also found that roughly half the people diagnosed with clinical depression also suffered from anxiety disorders in various degrees. These are just some of the many other official stat based facts which you will find on Verywellmind.Com and they all point towards the same thing; depression is a huge problem in the modern society.

Taking a closer look at the modern lifestyle reveals some of the main causes, as we try and search for possible solutions to the growing melancholy.

Monotonous Lifestyles

There is little doubt about the fact that there is a sense of repetitiveness to the actions we perform on a day to day basis, as well as a mechanical nature to what is expected of us at work and in our personal lives. The social expectations and invisible guidelines almost act as the rules of robotics that prohibit us from leading free lives, even though most of us are barely aware of that fact. Even vacations become repetitive actions, driven by a wish to be a part of the latest trend and fueled by marketing in the travel and tourism industry.

Seeking Meaning in Things that Do Not Have Meaning

We live in a society where the class difference is everywhere, as the capitalistic economy encourages accumulation of wealth and portrays it as a symbol of success. Everyone is busy making money consciously, while the subconscious mind suffers with a yearning for something more meaningful than money. Unfortunately, most of us end up answering that call by investing in expensive symbols of the wealth that we had spent so much time in making. While such materialistic objects do provide temporary gratification, it’s not what the mind was actually seeking, therefore, once the dopamine boost subsides, the emptiness takes over again, giving way to depression. It is a vicious cycle, which continues for an entire lifetime for most of us.

Seeing Depression as a Disorder Leads to More Severe Depression

Unfortunately for most of us, and even most psychiatrists, we have lost sight of how to perceive depression. We view it as a disorder, which it often isn’t. Make no mistake, there are a lot of people in this world who suffer from clinical depression due to severe hormonal imbalances and it becomes a physical problem in such cases, made worse by psychological factors.

However, in many situations, depression is just a normal reaction to serious real-life problems. A person suffering in an abusive relationship, or people in poverty have a valid reason to be depressed and therefore, it is not a disorder, but it can become one if the root causes themselves are left untreated long enough. In such situations, it is important to take the suffering individual out of the situation or do what can be done to provide assistance for countering the root causes, whether that’s therapy, medication, or even something like hypnosis past life regression.

When professionals and society start treating the person who has a valid reason to be depressed as someone suffering from a mental disease, he/she automatically slips further down into the well of depression and anxiety.

Is There a Solution?

It has been found that CBD oil derived from industrial hemp interacts with our body’s internal endocannabinoid system, which does have some effects similar to antidepressants, but without any of the side effects. One could try it for depression to see how well it works for them, but to know more about how exactly the herb oil affects the depressed mind, head over to SabaiDee and take a look at the research info they have on the matter.

Nonetheless, there is no single solution to depression as a whole, but with a cumulative approach including, for example, psychiatry, encouragement of physical wellness, and relaxation techniques, a majority of depressed individuals can be helped to a great degree. To create that cumulative approach, most, if not all, of the following should be taken into account:

  • Therapy to understand and help the individual with psychological support
  • Assistance with removing the original causes of depression
  • Medication when required and deemed necessary by a registered psychiatrist
  • Assistive supplementation with CBD oil, curcumin and saffron
  • Regular exercise and a healthy diet with minimum processed food and sugar
  • Breaks from the monotonous lifestyle in the form of treks, hikes and other adventurous activities
  • Efforts towards creating a closer bond with the people closest to the person
  • Giving more meaning to one’s life by dedicating more time to what the person is passionate about
  • Doll therapy using baby dolls that look real for those who battle anxiety after losing a baby

There is little we can do to change the society as a whole, but there is a lot we can do to change the way we live, and therein lies the solution to depression.

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