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Iceni Magazine | February 29, 2024

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Things you Need to Consider before Building Home Spa

Things you Need to Consider before Building Home Spa

Having a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard is a prized possession.

For people who need a more intimate experience to relax, rejuvenate, and reward themselves with the soothing water jets, an outdoor spa is a great alternative. After all, who doesn’t want to recreate the very best spa experiences in their own home?

Enjoy a good, hot bath – more like you do in a swimming pool.  But this is different – a luxury once limited to resorts and spas that you can experience every single day in your home.

If you belong to that category, this blog shares the information you need to build a home spa without eating up more space in your backyard, So, let’s begin,

1.   The type of spa you like

This is where it all begins. Why have you been thinking about custom spas in the first place? Think about all the possible functions, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it just for medical therapy?
  • Is it a luxury home addition?
  • Is it for family and kids?
  • Is it for pool parties with friends? So on so forth.

The purpose will drive the design and construction of the outdoor spa.

2.   Where to install the home spa?

Swimming spas are a popular option for people who have finer tastes in life. Tucking the spa in a secluded corner or hidden far away from guests does no good.  Ideally, it should be near your room or the entrance so that you do not have to walk a distance walking indoors on a windy or breezy cold night. Do consult a reputable company, like Premier Pools & Spas, for their suggested location before making a final decision. 

Also, you have to determine the viability of constructing an in-ground spa in the space or just installing a hot tub.  Talk to your interior designer and building contractors.

3.   The size matters

Bigger is not always better. Of course, if you have a big family or group of friends you hang out with, a bigger spa fits the bill. For a small family or 2-3 people, a compact and modern hot tub is a good choice.

Things you Need to Consider before Building Home Spa

5.   Safety accessories

Having a great time in the spa is all okay. But what about safety? Have a word with your spa designer to add safety features such as access gates, glass partitions, spa fences, and tub cover.

If you have got the spa installed on your patio, then a patio enclosure would give you the best protection against unpredictable weather conditions without sacrificing on the aesthetics of the property.

All of that by complying with the building codes of the host city/state.  

5.   Extra features

You can have a lot of fun in an outdoor spa with the kind of cool features pool owners are incorporating. For instance, decks, floating seats, mosaic tiles, acrylic windows, towel racks, and many such ideas are pretty cool.

Keep it basic or make the most of what’s in the market, the choice is yours.

6.   Technology chips in

Many spa control systems run on Wi-Fi. If you are some 10-15 minutes away from your home, use the smartphone to operate your spa.

From regulating the heater temperature, maintaining the pH and the chemicals to auto-filing of water and so much more, it is all easy peasy with advanced technologies.

7.   Cost

The last but not the least—cost. Building/installing and then operating and maintaining a home spa or pool (perhaps with the help of someone like this Swimming Pool Company Atlanta) is not for everyone. This is a premium choice for those who have earned enough in their life.

Portable spas are usually expensive but there are many cheaper portable hot tubs available in the market. You can easily buy them for less than $600. 

Alternatively, if you already have a swimming pool with automatic retractable pool covers,  you do not have to spend extra on a spa.

In the end, it is all about how much you wish to invest in your lifestyle. A home spa, swimming pool, or both, decide on the budget.

As we wrap up

If the best luxury is right there in your home, why go outside, right? Host a spa party at home, enjoy the hot bath with friends and family.

Drink, dance, and gorge on delicacies served hot. 


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