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Iceni Magazine | December 3, 2020

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Office tidiness: it’s written in the stars

Office tidiness: it’s written in the stars

With so many office storage solutions now available, you might think there’s no excuse for teetering piles of paperwork on desks and stacks of books and files gathering dust around the workplace.

After all, specialist suppliers such as Furniture At Work offer everything from convenient filing cabinets to bookcases and cupboards. Despite the abundance of storage systems on offer however, office tidiness levels aren’t exactly consistent. So, what lies behind these different habits? In its recent ‘Organised Mess’ infographic, Furniture At Work delved into the signs of the zodiac to see if it could all be written in the stars.

Everything in its place

The star signs of Virgos and Taurus are associated with supreme tidiness. Efficiency runs through their veins, and for these people, it’s a case of ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. Organised to perfection, their filing cabinets are the envy of their colleagues.

Capricorns and Pisceans are also virtuous when it comes to keeping things in check in the workplace. They like to find ways to make the process of tidying as easy as possible though, for example by using the latest gadgets and technology.

Organised chaos

Sagittarians and Scorpios have a tendency to hoard, but in their defence, it’s organised hoarding. Their office cabinets and drawers may be packed, but at least the papers are in alphabetical order. Plenty of storage is a must to contain all their office ‘essentials’.

Those with the star signs of Libra or Cancer are said to find peace of mind in organising, but they like it to look effortless. For example, instead of filing alphabetically, they might colour code their books and other office must-haves for aesthetic reasons.

Disorganisation reigns supreme

If you’re an Aries or a Gemini, you might seriously struggle to keep your workspace neat and tidy. Chaos rules for these star signs, meaning your office may be barely visible under all the paperwork.

For Leos and Aquarians, it’s all about fun first and mess later, which can make trying to locate items in the office tricky to say the least.

Zodiac signs aside, there are some fairly simple steps you can take to make your office more clean and tidy. Investing in the right storage is a good starting point, and once you’ve done this, try to get into the habit of keeping on top of your tidying on a daily basis. This will ensure things don’t get out of control.

Office tidiness: it’s written in the stars



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