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Iceni Magazine | May 11, 2021

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How To Improve Your Business Branding Offline

How To Improve Your Business Branding Offline

The rise of the internet has affected our lives in so many ways, not least of all in the workplace.

While some industries have been impacted more than others, it would be difficult to find a sector of employment that hadn’t been changed in some way by online technologies.

Marketing, for example, has undergone a seismic shift as a result of the internet. Social media, online advertisements and video streaming have all disrupted the traditional methods of promoting your brand. Even so, offline branding strategies remain important and here are five ways that you can improve yours.

Keep it simple

To keep up with shiny, new digital technologies that play such a key role in online marketing, it may be tempting for businesses to throw everything they have at their offline branding strategy, in terms of both financial and temporal resources.

However, sometimes a little simplicity goes a long way. Make sure you use a bold but clear font when printing the name of your business and try not to clutter your designs too much. Clarity is a much better approach to offline branding than confusion.

Keep it high quality

When creating branded merchandise, it can be tempting to go for a cheap designer or manufacturer, particularly if marketing budgets are tight. However, this approach can backfire. While high quality branded goods can give your business some real style and prestige, poor quality items can have the opposite effect. Badly printed logos, misspellings and generally shoddy work will show your brand in a terrible light to potential customers and clients.

Make it relevant

It’s all well and good paying for your company name to be displayed on an aeroplane banner in the sky, but is it really the most relevant way of advertising your new mobile application? There is a perception that offline branding does not have the same level of data-driven insights as online marketing to enable businesses to deliver truly targeted strategies. However, this is changing fast, and offline advertising campaigns are often accompanied by detailed audience figures and other datasets.

Incentivise your customers

One of the biggest advantages of offline branding when compared to online efforts, is that it allows businesses to give customers and clients something tangible. This could be something like branded pens, a t-shirt or USB stick. These items don’t need to cost your company much, but they provide people with an incentive to interact with your brand. What’s more, by giving them a physical item, you are more likely to make a lasting impression when compared to some forms of online marketing, which are easily ignored or forgotten.

Get face-to-face

Perhaps the oldest method of pushing your brand offline, face-to-face interactions with clients and customers can still pack a powerful punch. Networking allows you to really explain your company ethos and what your organisation can offer. This can be a great way of creating long-lasting relationships that could prove fruitful for years to come. Even though online branding strategies are important, there’s still a place for old-fashioned meet and greets – just don’t forget your business card.


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