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Iceni Magazine | September 25, 2020

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5 Key Reasons Why You Should Go For Promotional Mugs

5 Key Reasons Why You Should Go For Promotional Mugs

With regard to businesses small and large, there is a wide range of promotional products to choose from and things have never been better in terms of availability, thanks to some of the leading suppliers like Arcadia Corporate Merchandise.

However, the aspect of mugs is what a great many companies usually tend to gravitate toward. But why is that, exactly? The simple answer is that unlike most other such products out there, promotional mugs are kept by customers for a much longer time as compared to any other promotional product.

People not only keep all kinds of promotional mugs, but also carry them around in their office spaces and homes alike. You can be sure of that fact. Too many services instantly dismiss these sort of promotional items as boring and too safe, but in reality, this is not the case and they work marvels with every single person out there to this very day. Let us look at the five key reasons why you should choose promotional mugs over other items:-

  • Tried and tested: Not just once or twice, but time and again. Plus, this is not to say that they are successful most of the time, especially when the marketing strategy is poorly implemented, but then again, most companies have been successful. They will always be well-received by your customers and carry the advantages of a high-impact ad low-cost.
  • Staying power: People need to understand the fact that in the case of every promotional product, there is a certain staying power, after which the value of the product declines. This is when customers abandon the products or give them away. Here, enough research has revealed that the mugs are one of the few items that people keep for the longest time. With this, it makes more of a lasting impression on more people out there.
  • Brand impact and action: Their brand impact is massive with almost 90-95% of customers remembering the brand name after using their promotional mug. Just think of the numerous long-term advantages that holds in store for your service. Plus, in product giveaways, a call-to-action will work marvels, encouraging the participant to do something specific to the overall growth of your company.
  • One can personalise them: This can be done with standard messages to give a feeling of belonging to the customers once they purchase the products. Or even a specific design that most of them will end up remembering. For a small order, certain companies even take the trouble of adding individual names to make them feel even more special.
  • Changing perception: In this regard, research doesn’t lie when it claims that a great many consumers are even willing to switch their brand just so that they will receive a free promotional gift. Adding a branded mug as a free gift is one thing, but allowing them to design their own mugs will add greater value to the procedure.

As said before, promotional mugs have been tried and tested a number of times before, so it goes without saying that they are a safe bet and can be relied upon time and again. Sure, they will increase awareness and build sales in the long run, but that is only a piece of the puzzle when it comes down to your marketing campaigns or employee engagement.

With regard to promotional mugs in particular, there are a great many shapes, sizes and styles of mugs to choose from in the age of today. There are no two ways about that, really. Things have never been easier for services with regard to choice, but most services need to get wise about how to use promotional mugs for the best possible leverage and popularity. You will only get to know in the long run if your service truly has what it takes to stand out in a sea of peers doing the same thing.


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