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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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How To Maximise Your Time And Results When Cleaning Your Home

How To Maximise Your Time And Results When Cleaning Your Home

There is no better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon or long weekend than relaxing and unwinding.

However, it is also the perfect time to deep clean the house and gets rid of horrid smells, stains, and more that have been building up all week.

Should you want to maximise your time and still attain the best results from a house clean, here are some tips.

Ask for expert help
If you have some tasks requiring expert assistance, then it can help to call in external help.

For instance, your drains might be overly dirty and smelly. You might be able to clean them yourself, but it might take a lot of your time to get them properly cleaned. Hence, getting some help with Drain Cleaning will help to maximise your time while you can attain the best results.

Tackle multiple chores at once
When you are cleaning your home, you can easily maximise your time if you tackle multiple chores at once.

For instance, if you need to deep clean your dishes as well as hoover the house then you could soak the dishes while you hoover.

Using scents around the home can maximise the fresh smell while you have to do the bare minimum.

For instance, placing candles and diffusers around the home during and after cleaning will help you achieve the freshest smell while you can get on with the cleaning.

Use denture cleaning tablets for deep cleaning
Although you might think that you need to get the scrubbing brushes out to deep clean the sinks and toilets, you can achieve the same results and minimise time by using denture cleaning tablets.

These will offer a fizzing effect when added to water, which will remove stains and smells while helping you achieve the same cleanliness.

Keep your tools in one place
There is nothing more annoying or time-wasting than going to and from each cupboard to find your cleaning tools. Keeping all of your cleaning tools in one place (a box or a bag) can help you maximise your time as you can carry around all of your equipment and tick off all of your tasks while you do not have to find your equipment.

Don’t use the broom and stick with the hoover
Even if you enjoy using a broom, they can often take up more time. Hence, it can be a good idea to use a hoover instead.

Many hoovers have multiple head choices, which means you can get into small corners and clean various surfaces with them without having to change your equipment. It will prove much quicker if you use a hoover throughout the house as you won’t have to change what you’re using and be able to easily manoeuvre between rooms.

A good speed cleaning helps to maximise your time while achieving a clean house. It can be as simple as multitasking or using cleaning alternatives to achieve the same results while spending less of your time on the cleaning.

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