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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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The Perfect Ways To Spend A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

The Perfect Ways To Spend A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

A rainy Sunday afternoon can certainly be the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind, but what activities can you plan to make the most of your time at home?

Thankfully, this guide contains a range of innovative ideas and recommendations that you can utilise to spend your Sunday afternoon in the best possible fashion, helping you to finish your week on a real calm note. So, if you’re interested in learning some of the perfect ways to spend your Sunday afternoon, then simply read on to discover more!

Cook Up A Delicious Feast

One of the best ways to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon is by cooking up a delicious feast, as having a few hours free at home provides you with the perfect opportunity to get in the kitchen. There are so many different tasty meals that you can prepare for yourself, whether you want to indulge in a warming Italian ragú or a vibrant Chinese vegetable stir fry dish! You don’t need to be a brilliant cook to make yourself a tasty meal, as there are countless tutorials and recipes available online that you can follow. If you want a technology free day, you can also purchase a great cooking book to flick through in order to find the perfect dish! Just make sure you try to plan your dish in advance so that you can have all of the ingredients that you need on hand, as you won’t want to be running to the shop in the pouring rain when you should be relaxing at home!

Settle Down With A Great Book

Settling down with a great book is another brilliant rainy Sunday afternoon activity, as you can get deep into a great adventure story or romance novel as the rain hits rhythmically on your windows. The world is filled to the brim with amazing books that you can read, and you don’t need loads of cash to get a variety of books that you can read during your relaxing rainy Sunday afternoon – you can get a library pass! Most cities and towns have their own library that will be lined wall to wall with books for you to lease for free; but just make sure you return them on time so you avoid a fine. Libraries can be limited, but you can easily find every kind of book you could ever dream of reading online. You can purchase books about snooker, books about politics, books about aliens and so much more! When you read a good book you’ll find that hours pass without you really noticing, as it’s so easy to get totally enveloped by an amazing story or novel that totally takes your attention.

Watch Your Favourite Film Or Show

Is there anything better than switching on the TV to find that your favourite show is on repeat all afternoon? That’s why it can be such a great idea to watch some films or shows during your rainy Sunday inside, as it can help to transport you to a whole different place when you choose the right programs to view! It might be that your favourite travel show can help you to feel a little less gloomy, or perhaps your favourite action film can keep you occupied for a few hours! There are so many ways to watch your favourite films and TV shows, whether you choose to simply flick through the guide to see what’s on, or even browse the web to locate some of the best streaming platforms around. Your TV guide will be a lot more limited than the offerings you can find online, as the web plays host to millions upon millions of different videos that are sure to keep you satisfied! A rainy Sunday afternoon can be the perfect opportunity to watch something brand new too, so why not break out of your comfort zone and find a recently released show that you can tune into for the first time? You never know, it might become your new perfect program!

Get Creative & Let Your Imagination Flow

When the rain is beating down outside, letting your creative juices flow by making some artwork in any form can certainly be the ideal way to help you ignore the cold! Art can be such a fun way to keep yourself occupied, and it’s untrue to think that you need to be a skilled artist in order to get creative. You don’t need any special skills or talents to make art, as it’s a totally individual process that should focus on you and you only! Art is an expression of the self, so whether you choose to pain your favourite landscape scene so that you can think back to happy picnics with your family, or even go a little more abstract with bold lines and bright colours to represent your passion and zest for life, just make sure you stay as unique as can be. If you want to learn a particular creative skill then this can be something that you get up to during your rainy Sunday afternoon, as there are bound to be many different step by step tutorials that you can follow to start learning the ins and outs of certain artistic techniques.

Meditate To The Sound Of The Rain

Last but by no means least, if you want to finish your Sunday afternoon on the best possible note, then why not take the time to meditate to the sound of the rain? A large percentage of people find the sound of rain to be extremely calming and therapeutic, and listening to the rain can really help to take your meditation session to a whole new level. Meditation is the act of focusing and freeing your mind, helping to reconnect you with the ‘here and now’ while rebalancing your mood and assisting you with any stresses or anxieties you may be feeling. You don’t need any expensive equipment or the perfect meditation studio to begin, just a comfy, quiet spot where you can sit down and relax with the sound of the rain tapping away – perhaps a conservatory with glass ceiling panels could be the perfect location for a rainy meditation session!


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