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Iceni Magazine | June 11, 2021

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Great ideas for a romantic day out in Norfolk!

vine yard

If you live in Norfolk or are planning to visit Norfolk, you’re in for a treat.

But if your partner has asked you to think of a good plan for a date day or a romantic day out, you might be stuck for ideas. Thankfully, there are plenty of interesting, entertaining, and exciting things to do around the county. Here are just a couple of ideas that are likely to go down a treat!

Head off to the races

Horse racing is a quintessentially British pastime and there are several places where you can go and watch races in Norfolk. The most popular of which is the Fakenham Racecourse. Known for breeding thoroughbreds, its patron is Charles, the Prince of Wales.

Almost one mile long, the course is square in shape and features six fences and a ditch. It’s been in use since 1886 and has held regular races ever since. The next race is on 15 September. It’s a great option for those looking to enjoy a day at the races. You may want to make a day of it by winning a few easy bets suggested by this horse racing AI prediction tool (which, by the way, offers a sophisticated free option!). Even if you aren’t an expert on betting, placing a few wagers on the horses you think might win can add an extra dimension to viewing. Online tools can make it very straightforward to find odds at various bookmakers and even get help with your predictions through sophisticated AI systems. You can do this via phone, the convenience of which helps you focus on soaking up the atmosphere of race day. But even if racing isn’t your thing, it’s a nice venue complete with great restaurants, nice views, and even camping opportunities!

Do a tour of stately homes 

tour of stately homes

Source: Pixabay

Norfolk is home to its fair share of stately homes. For example, you can visit the family seat of the historical Boelyn family, Blickling Hall, which dates from the 15th century. Today, there is a portrait and a statue of the most famous Boelyn, Ann which can still be seen today. In fact, it’s believed she was born there and her ghost allegedly still walks the halls.

Another must-see is Oxburgh hall which features a moat, tunnels, and expansive grounds. Constructed in the 15th century, it’s home to the Bedingfield family although the house is now owned by the National Trust. A Grade 1 listed monument, it’s considered an architectural gem and a site of outstanding beauty.

One of the most famous stately homes in Norfolk is the Sandringham Estate, which is also the private home of Queen Elizabeth II. A house has been there since the Elizabethan times but it has been rebuilt over the centuries. Today, you can visit if you book in advance.

Enjoy some local wine!

Did you know Norfolk is home to several vineyards and cantinas? There are several great wine producers in the region including the Winbirri Vineyard, the Chet Valley Vineyard, and Flint Vineyard. This is great for a day trip as you can visit the vineyards, see how the wine is made, and even do tastings on site. If you’re something of an oenophile, you can even visit a local wine school. There are classes, events, courses, and a variety of other options for those who love wine and want to understand what they are drinking.

These are some great ways to spend time in and around Norfolk. If you’re looking for something a bit different with a cultural twist, you cannot go wrong with our suggestions!

Header Image Source: Pixabay


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