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Iceni Magazine | January 23, 2021

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Discover Cleaning Tips for your Business: A Basic Guide for Stain Removal in Public Toilets

Discover Cleaning Tips for your Business: A Basic Guide for Stain Removal in Public Toilets

People judge businesses on a number of factors: standard of the service offered; advertising campaign effectiveness; friendliness of the staff and many other things, including the cleanliness and hygiene of their premises.

It is vital to establish a regular cleaning routine when it comes to your business, paying particular attention to the public toilets.

There are three specific areas to consider when cleaning public toilets:

  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Floors

It is vital that you consider each of those three areas as separate cleans. In other words, new equipment should be used for each section. Ensure that you are fully equipped prior to embark on any cleaning. Wearing protective clothing, gloves and aprons in particular, are advisable. Having everything to hand is recommended too, which will save germs being spread from the bathroom to other locations within the business if you are searching for a product you have placed elsewhere.


It would be easy to believe that an area, over which water and soap flow regularly, would stay clean and require very little cleaning. This is not the case. Soap grime, limescale, rust and water marks can build up quickly and easily hence why it is imperative to tackle the sinks on a daily basis along with the rest of the areas.

There are some excellent products on the market for cleaning sinks. However, the use of white vinegar can be just as effective at ridding the sink of unsightly stains. Combine your chosen cleaning fluid with a non-marking scrubbing brush. It is vital that you choose a brush that is strong enough to make a difference, but soft enough to not leave further marks. A little bleach left on overnight can work wonders but be sure to rinse first thing in the morning. Glass cleaner can also make for a shiny sink, which is great for businesses.


While toilet brushes may be a popular item for cleaning toilets, if you use one that is available for all to use, you are most likely going to be spreading germs and not leaving the area much cleaner than it started with. To avoid stains in the toilet, especially common in areas of hard water, cleaning on a regular basis is crucial. If there are tough stains, a basic clean is a must, to begin with. After doing a simple clean with a specific toilet brush and your chosen cleaning product, an overnight soak would be a great idea. Again, white vinegar is a superb product. Simply pour in half a cup, close the lid and leave it to do its magic overnight. In the morning, scrub with the brush once again and you should see it sparkle.


Before you even think about using cleaning chemicals on the bathroom floor, it is vital that you do an initial sweep. Use a brush to get rid of any dust and debris, which build up quickly. Next, following the instructions on your chosen product, mop the floor. It is vital to rinse afterwards with clean water to remove any cleaning product residue. Be sure to remember the area around the base of the toilets as these are notoriously forgotten.


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