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Iceni Magazine | June 11, 2021

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5 low-cost ways to promote your business online

5 low-cost ways to promote your business online

Online advertising has proven to be a very important way of helping the business reach a wider market.

Nonetheless, the case might be different for businesses that cannot raise the high amounts of money needed to help get the exposure online. Therefore, there are some ways you can attract the attention of an online audience into focusing on your business while using very little cash. These methods will save you money and boost your sales

  1. Promote your posts to target audiences on Facebook

Social media networks provide an excellent avenue to market your business. A platform like Facebook is being used as a search engine. People find out about products by searching for their pages to get contact information, operation hours and user reviews. By posting regularly and promoting one of your posts to appear on your target audience’s timeline, your business will gain huge popularity.

  1. Sign up for an email service

Promoting your business through email helps you easily win new clients and keep the old ones, while also maintaining low market costs. Customers interested in your products will sign up for your email service where you will be sending them information about your products. The messages sent are supposed to be short and straightforward.

  1. Write an article that demonstrates your expertise in your field

Create a blog post that brings to light the products you sell and their costs. You will go ahead to explain why your customers are supposed to consider purchasing your products and not just any other in the market. Your write up should be very legitimate. acts as an affordable outreach solution service for agencies and in-house marketers. Through this post, it will be easier for those who have interacted with you to refer other people to your business.

  1. Put videos of your product or service on YouTube

It costs nothing at all in creating a YouTube channel. This will help you capture videos tutorials of the services you offer or even the goods you produce. Many people currently opt to watch clips on a new business they hear about before moving to purchase any products. You shall have created a strong market base and have your clients build trust in you.

  1. Test buying Per Pay Click (PPC) advertising on the search engines

This is a marketing way in which you pay a certain fee every time the advertisement of your product is clicked. Through this, you will be buying the visits people make to your online business platform. Popular search engines are used to show these ads.


These online marketing techniques work progressively, and with much effort put into them, the results will aid your business to grow massively. As the time goes, the outcome will be immense, and you shall have used very little money in the whole process.

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