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Iceni Magazine | August 14, 2022

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Tips on Advertising for a Small Business

Tips on advertising for a small business

When you start up your brand new business, the chances are that you have a small budget.

At the same time, you are eager to start growing your company. Knowing a few handy tips will get you started on advertising your product or service.

Getting Traffic to Your Website

For a small budget, one of the easiest ways to generate traffic to your website is to use Bing Ads or Google AdWords for advertising. If you are interested in high click rates and conversions, you will want to use long-tail keywords that are very specific to your industry.

While this sounds like a mouthful, it is quite simple. Instead of using generic terms like clothing, which would put you in competition with the big-name brands and put you well down the list where you won’t be seen, use specific phrases. These should be phrases your customer would also use when searching as this indicates a readiness to buy. For example, you could choose a string such as hand-made full-length silk dresses.

A lot of potential customers search Google by location and you want to make sure they can find you, so you will need a physical address. Set up a Google My Business profile giving a description of your business and your opening and closing times. These steps will create your online presence.

Being Connected and Visible

As a business owner, you want to be seen as part of the community. Sponsoring, hosting, or getting involved in community events is a good place to start. This gives you a chance to interact with the locals and possibly collect potential clients’ details. You also want to make sure that you are listed on local directories.

If money is tight, start with creating a solid online presence on your website. Reply to comments promptly and update your site frequently. Post interesting information that is relevant to your client base. If you use a blog, use this as an opportunity for a soft marketing pitch to convey the benefits of your product or service.

Attracting Attention to Your Premises

One of the best ways to draw attention to your business premises is with pavement boards.  One very effective method is to advertise with pavement boards. The biggest supplier of pavement boards in the UK is Discount Displays. This well-known supplier has a variety of pavement boards to suit the starting entrepreneur as much as the larger company.

Pavement boards come in different styles. Some of the options are A-board frames, swing signs, flexible panels, chalkboard pavement signs, and water fillable signs. Additionally, A-board pavement signs can be purchased as the frame only. This allows you to add a poster to advertise your business.

Whatever the size of your budget is, advertising your business is possible. What you want to achieve is a visible presence, to become a part of your community, and to maximise your opportunities to increase exposure. This requires a mix of different approaches tailored to your needs and budget. The tips provided here will get you started.


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