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Iceni Magazine | September 17, 2020

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There’s No Shame in Choosing Alternative Clothing

There’s No Shame in Choosing Alternative Clothing

It is easy for a lot of people to make judgements when it comes to those who wear clothes that are typically not the norm.

For instance, those who wear dark-colouredshirts with images of skulls and dragons on them are immediately branded as violent and not trustworthy.

Punk, goth, andhipster are among the fashion cultures making use of alternative clothing. They have different reasons for choosing the type of outfit that they wear and it is their choice to make. Therefore, if you are one of these people who prefer this style, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

You are just expressing yourself

You choose your outfit based on your personality. If you are comfortable with what you are wearing, no one should tell you not to wear it. Unless there is offensive language on the shirt or it contains obscene images, just carry on.

Being different is better

We have been raised to always follow the rules and norms even when they are not necessarily good. We are always taught how to think instead of allowing us to think freely. When you wear alternative clothes, you are just showing the unique side of you. It tells everyone that you are different and it is fine to be different. You don’t always have to follow what other people say or do. You are unique and you should be proud of it. You give yourself the chance to think and not just follow what others want.

You have a fashion taste

Alternative clothing barely makes it into mainstream fashion. It does not mean that your taste in fashion is pretty bad if you prefer these clothes. Instead, it shows that you have your own style and you don’t just follow the general culture when it comes to fashion.

You are not doing anything wrong

When people judge you as violent simply because you love wearing black and your shirt has images of skulls and scary animals, it does not mean that you are a bad person. If you are being judged that way, it speaks more about other people than about you. It tells you that they are judgemental, and they make opinions about people even before they get to know those people. As long as you are not hurting anyone with what you are wearing, it is fine.

You prioritisecomfort

There are a lot of people who pretend that they like what they are wearing when in fact they are already having a hard time with it. They just show to everyone that they are fine because they have forced themselves to wear something they are not comfortable with. When you choose alternative clothing brands UK suppliers sell, for instance, you have decided that comfort is more important. You don’t pretend to be someone you are not. You just wear clothes because you feel like you look good in them and you are happy with your choice.

Given these reasons, you should buy as many alternative clothes as you want and opt for alternative stores online. You deserve to get the clothes you will be happy to wear.

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