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Iceni Magazine | May 11, 2021

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Compact Cuppa Coffee

Compact Cuppa Coffee

The Cafflano Kompact Hot & Cold Cofffee Brewer is the first portable coffee maker that is small enough to fit in your pocket and weighs just 220g.

This portable coffee maker creates an amazing cup of hot or cold coffee, it holds 220m, looks cool in summer and hot in winter. It doesn’t have any paper filters and works quickly and easily. Just add your favourite ground coffee, add hot water and just press the telescope to make the perfect cup of coffee in seconds. Drink, boost up on caffeine and take on the World.

It also works great on a hot summer’s day with everyone’s favourite cold-brewed coffee. Fill the press with ground coffee, add cold water, seal it tight with the airlock cap and wait. Presto! Cold brew coffee will be ready in a few hours. It comes with a carry bag, fits any cup size and is dishwasher safe,

The Cafflano Kompact Hot & Cold Coffee Brewer costs £54.99 from The Fowndry

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