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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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Kikka Digga – Taking the Pain out of Digging

Kikka Digga – Taking the Pain out of Digging

I’m often asked what defines a ‘gadget’.

Well if you look up the word in a dictionary, the definition might surprise you. Type ‘define: gadget’ in Google and you are presented with “a small mechanical device or tool, especially an ingenious or novel one’. So when I received the Kikka Digga to review, I was surprised to find it fitted exactly into this definition!

The Kikka Digga is a digging attachment tool for garden forks & spade spades, it works by adding a lever to the fork or spade which in turn improves your posture whilst working away in the garden. It also assists with downforce when breaking the soil and leverage when turning it.

The soil where I live has a really high level of clay, so digging is excrutiating! You end up with sore feet due to the pressure you have to apply on the spade and fork and back-breaking when lifting the dug soil to turn it over.

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The people at Kikka Digga have come up with a device which adds a footplate lever which fits in seconds to any fork or spade which reduces the physical strain which many of us experience with digging. It’s a simple device made from strong material and makes digging a compacted soil much easier than a traditional spade or fork. There is a greatly reduced need to bend as you are using the leverage of the device to life soil.

I spent an afternoon digging heavily compacted clay soil in my garden and compared traditional digging with the Kikka Digga. I can honestly say the device really did help and inspired by to do the rest of the area over the coming Summer.

Kikka Digga is available from eBay, Amazon or directly from for around £19.99.

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