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Iceni Magazine | April 21, 2021

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Here are 8 Innovative Everyday-use Items You Can Buy or Use Right Now

The whole idea of buying everyday household accessories is to make life more pleasant and to streamline daily tasks. The following products and accessories are everyday-use items that you can make use of now.

1 – Kentucky Mop Bucket with Wringer


One of the essential cleaning accessories every person should have is a Kentucky mop bucket with a wringer. A side press wringer on the bucket supplies equal pressure on the mop heads. The bucket is generally used with all flat mops and the bucket, itself, is outfitted with a metal handle and castors for easy transport.

This bucket is made to high quality standards and provides the user with good value for his money. The bucket is also backed with a money-back guarantee. However, you won’t want to ask for your money back when you start using and enjoying the amenities of this popular cleaning tool and accessory.

2 – Hand Bracket and Magnifier

Given that people like crafts and electronics, another unique everyday use accessory is a hand bracket and magnifier. This bracket assists anyone who is involved in assembling models, working on electronics, or crafting jewellery. The item features fully adjustable holding clips and a magnifying lens that offers 2.0 magnification. The bass is solidly cast, providing enhanced stability. If you are a model hobbyist, jewellery maker, or lover of electronic gadgets, this hand bracket and magnifier is one unique product made especially for you.

3 – Thick Rubber Bands


Thick rubber bands can also be used for everyday use. For instance, you can use a thick rubber band to stop a door from completely closing. You can also use the same simple item on a can of paint to prevent the paint from dripping and to clean off the excess from your paint brush. Rubber bands are not in short supply either – and they can be used for more purposes than what you may have previously thought.

4 – A Narrow Paint Roller (Massage Roller for Your Cat)


Do you have a pet cat? If so, you can give your household member a spa day by rubbing a narrow and soft paint roller over his or her back. Cats love the massage offered by this painting accessory.

5 – Clips from Clothing Hangers (to keep chips fresh)

You can also make use of the clips from cheap hangers used to hang slacks or skirts. Take them off the hanger and turn them into a clip to close up chip bags or to keep paperwork together, such as lease agreements or research.

6 – Spray Paint Organizer (wine rack)


A simple wine rack can hold more than just wine. You can also use the organizer to manage your cans of spray paint. Or, if you don’t use spray paint to craft, you can use the rack to hold bottles of water as well. Organize your flavored water, for instance, using the rack.

7 – Murphy Desk


If you want to optimize the space in your home or apartment and need desk space, then consider using a do-it-yourself Murphy desk for laptop use and to keep upon on correspondence.

8 – Flexible Cutting Boards with Food Icons


You also want to make sure food preparation is a safe and hygienic process. The use of flexible cutting boards will ensure that you avoid cross-contamination of prepared foods. Boards come in different colours and icons so the proper board is used for cutting fruits, vegetables, meat or poultry.

If you want to use some of the items you have at your disposal more intelligently or make good use of innovation, the above items are ideal selections.

Article By Lauren Williamson

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