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Iceni Magazine | August 15, 2022

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Minor Car Problems You Should Always Get Fixed

Minor Car Problems You Should Always Get Fixed

Every car owner is guilty of putting off those much-needed small jobs regarding your vehicle.

Dealing with a potential bill from your local servicing company isn’t the most appealing prospect, however it is important to see to as many of your minor car problems as possible. Sometimes those small and insignificant issues can turn into costly and dangerous problems if you don’t seek out help sooner rather than later. Whether you have a damaged alloy, or your check engine light has been flashing for several days, here are some of the minor problems you will not want to ignore for too long.


When your wheel becomes slightly damaged, it can be very easy to ignore it and hope the problem doesn’t get any worse as time goes by. However, if you don’t get the issue fixed as soon as you can, you may be stuck with a bigger problem. You may be wonderingwhat’s a kerbed alloy”  which is a very valid question, especially if you are looking to stay on top of your wheel maintenance. A kerbed alloy is simply an alloy wheel that has been scuffed or scratched on a kerb so that a chip or groove is taken out of it. Usually this occurs when you’re parking or maneuvering into a corner. If this does occur then make sure you get it fixed by a professional as soon as possible.

Engine Lights

Ignoring your check engine light is something you’re definitely guilty of doing in the past. However, this is a minor issue you should imminently address if you don’t want to get a huge bill from your mechanic in the coming months. Having it tested sooner rather than later can help to prevent major damage to your vehicle.

Damaged License Plates

If you are spotted out on the roads with damaged license plates that aren’t fully visible you may receive a hefty fine. Your plates are the only way to legally identify your car, so it’s important to replace them or have them repaired if there is any sign of damage.

Chipped Windscreen

Fixing a chipped windscreen is not just something to improve the aesthetic of your car, but it will also help you to stay safe on the roads. Any chips or cracks can compromise your safety if you were in a collision, so it’s important not to ignore them if they ever arise.

Brake Issues 

As a car owner, you may have experienced that awful feeling of hearing your brakes make a noise when you apply pressure. Your car brakes could be making a noise for a number of different reasons, but it’s a problem you definitely shouldn’t ignore. As soon as you hear or feel anything strange you should definitely seek out advice from your local mechanic.

All in all, as a vehicle owner it is your responsibility to take good care of your car and make sure it is always working properly. This will not only protect you as a driver, but it will also keep others safe around you. Fixing the small and minor issues now will help to prevent hefty bills and expensive services in the near future!

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