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Iceni Magazine | June 16, 2019

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Health & Fitness

5 ways to keep your skin healthy from head-to-toe

January 22, 2019 |

Recently, Kendall Jenner told fans, “I remember going online and seeing all the horrible things people were saying about me and my skin.”

Life can sometimes feel like a giant contest and we all have those days where … Read More

We’re going through a pot renaissance. But is cannabis safe?

January 10, 2019 |


The sweet, pungent waft of cannabis will be a familiar memory to many who lived through the 1960s, a time when pockets of Western society rebelled against conformity.

Nearly five decades later, weed is back, and receiving … Read More

REVEALED: Swapping from Coke to Diet Coke has no effect on weight loss

January 10, 2019 |

8 Swaps you could be making for long-term results

Replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners used in Diet Coke and other soft drinks has no effect on weight loss and their long-term health effects are still poorly understood, found a major scientific review. [i] Our experts … Read More

January Blues: Banish Those Blues

January 9, 2019 |

January is renowned for being a challenging month. Whatever your reason for finding it hard (and even if you don’t!), try following some of these tips to make it more manageable. 1. Be sociable

It can be difficult … Read More

Cough and Cold: Everything You Must Know

January 4, 2019 |

Cough and colds are caused by a virus, with rhinovirus as the most common infectious agent.

Other viruses include influenza, coronavirus, parainfluenza, and the respiratory syncytial virus. Common signs and symptoms include a sore throat, watery eyes, a … Read More

Apps for health and fitness, music streaming and mindfulness to top downloads in January

January 3, 2019 |

Apps for health and fitness, music streaming and mindfulness are set to be the most downloaded in January 2019, according to research.

A poll of 2,000 smartphone owners found calorie-tracking app MyFitnessPal is the most likely to be … Read More

Many struggle to identify basic vitamins, minerals and ingredients – despite claiming to be experts on the topic

December 10, 2018 |

‘Nutrition’ has become a buzz word in recent years – but the reality is our knowledge on the subject is sadly lacking, it has emerged.

Researchers discovered a third of us are interested in nutrition and 28 per … Read More

These are the ten keys to happiness – according to Brits

December 3, 2018 |

Family is the key to happiness, according to Brits.

A study of 2,000 people has revealed their checklist for living the happiest life you can, with quality time with the family, time to yourself and catching up with … Read More

It’s official – Winter is bad for your health, appearance – and sex life

November 23, 2018 |

Winter is bad for your health, appearance – and your sex life, a study has found.

A poll of 2,000 adults found the cold and dark winter months result in an increase in illnesses, a lower mood and … Read More

How to Improve Your Health and Wellbeing for The Future

November 20, 2018 |

Most people want to live long and healthy lives but with so much conflicting information out there it can be difficult to know whether to stay away from that second cup of coffee or drink coconut oil straight from the … Read More

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