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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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Helpful Tips For Increasing The Odds Of Cancer Survival

TThe Odds Of Cancer Survival

A study published in the British Journal of Cancer in 2015 estimated that 1 in 2 people will develop cancer at some point in their lives.

There is no denying that cancer is a big battle that is challenging to fight, with many uncertainties and no clear plan for survival. Nevertheless, you can do many things to improve your survival odds and stay one step ahead of the condition. If you wish to learn more about fighting back to improve your chances of surviving cancer, consider the points below.

1. See a medical team that specialises in your cancer

Many health experts agree that it is crucial to see oncologists for cancer treatment instead of getting treated by surgeons, family healthcare providers, internists, and other healthcare experts. Choosing a cancer treatment centre rather than a single oncologist is also advisable since cancer treatment typically involves a multidimensional approach. You can ask your current healthcare provider where they would go if diagnosed with your cancer type to find the best treatment centres for your needs. Also, you can connect with an online cancer community to learn which centres are active in researching and treating your particular cancer type. These days, cancer research experts like Thermo Fisher Scientific are perfecting technology like Next-generation sequencing (NGS) that every cancer treatment centre will likely use. It is best to be treated by a treatment centre to get the best cancer care now and in the future.

2. Get a second opinion

Getting a second opinion can be uncomfortable for some people, but it remains advisable, especially if you have cancer. Even most healthcare providers who are diagnosed with cancer seek second opinions before proceeding with treatment. Consequently, consider reaching out to larger cancer treatment centres to get a second opinion after your diagnosis. These large treatment centres are more likely to have specialists in your general cancer type and unique aspects such as your disease’s molecular profile. Several experts recommend a second opinion to confirm your current diagnosis and empower you about your treatment options. Additionally, a second opinion can provide additional information that could boost treatment efficacy, so keep this in mind.

3. Seek social support

Support from your family, friends, and the cancer community is crucial to improve your odds of beating cancer. Some studies examining the effects of social bonds on illness and death show that strong social relationships improve survival for various conditions, including cancer. Therefore, allow your friends and family to help you throughout your cancer journey, from diagnosis to treatment. In addition, consider joining a cancer support community to interact with others facing similar diagnoses. These interactions are an excellent source of emotional support and can help you learn about the latest treatments for your cancer.

4. Be committed to your treatment

Some cancer patients drop out of their treatment protocols altogether, while others forget to take their medicines or aren’t cautious enough to prevent infections while undergoing chemotherapy. However, it is crucial to remain dedicated to whatever treatment plan or clinical trial you and your healthcare provider agree on. Believing in yourself, your treatment plan, and your healthcare provider will increase your commitment to treatment and improve your chances of a favourable outcome.

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