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Iceni Magazine | February 29, 2024

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Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy and Happy Relationship

Maintain a Healthy and Happy Relationship

30-Second Summary

Whether you’ve been married for years or just moved in with your partner, you need to find ways to maintain a healthy relationship. Discover how to do so here. 

  • Relationships are challenging. The amount of emotional, spiritual, and mental effort it takes can be overwhelming at times.
  • Unlike romantic comedies and soap operas, where after one conflict all is resolved, maintaining a healthy and happy relationship takes a lot of effort, but it does not require it to be difficult.
  • According to experts, every relationship has its course, and no relationship is picture-perfect. However, there are several things you can do to improve your bond.
  • You can commit to open communication, have sex often, and surprise your partner, among other things. These are proven ways, but you also need to remember to work on your self-happiness – it’s the only way to thrive in a relationship.


Every relationship goes through phases, and it doesn’t matter whether you just met, have been dating for years, are engaged, or have been married for ten years. No one is born knowing how to have a successful relationship.

However, based on studies and statistics, maintaining a healthy relationship takes more than just a feeling. It requires heaps of effort, adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking remarkable amounts of focus. 

So, if you want to make your relationship with your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife stronger, here’s a proactive approach to form and build a healthy and happy relationship with your significant other. 

How to Make Your Relationship Happier and Healthier

A healthy relationship has been shown to boost one’s happiness and alleviate stress. Research studies also suggest that those in healthy and thriving relationships have better stress management skills and better productivity at work. So, how do these people manage to have happy and healthy relationships? Well, here are some tips to help improve your romantic relationships:

●    Learn Your Love Languages: In 1994, Gary Chapman wrote a book, ‘The Five Love Languages,’ where he states that everyone has a love language, and lack of acknowledgment can lead to a myriad of issues in your relationship. These love languages include quality time, gift-giving, physical touch, words of affirmation, and acts of service. 

Therefore, honor your partner’s love language. For instance, if your partner thrives from hugs, be sure to hug them often. If they thrive from love notes and poems, then be sure to compliment them regularly. Learning how to show your partner love in a way they value will dramatically boost your communication skills and overall relationship for the better. 

If you don’t know your love language, there are several love language tests online you can try out.

●    Listen to Your Partner: One of the most potent ways to keep your relationship solid is by speaking less and listening more. Healthy communication is the photosynthesis of every healthy relationship. When your conversation becomes combative, don’t interrupt your partner, shift blame, or offer a quick solution. Instead, nod or offer a soft ‘mmhh’ to show you acknowledge their emotions and thoughts. 

It might be challenging, especially when they’re saying something you disagree with, but sometimes, all people need to do to feel closer to their partners is paying close attention to what they’re saying.

Working on communication can also help ensure that your relationship is not codependent (you need to be aware of the differences between codependency vs interdependency to determine whether your relationship is problematic or not) and is, instead, healthy. Your communication should focus on trust, honesty, active listening, and mutual respect.

●    Create Novel Experiences: Even though cooking your favorite meal or playing game night every Friday night strengthens your relationship, boredom is a creepy monster, and it’s a relationship buster. Therefore, try shaking things up by spicing up your routine with some moments of fun or spontaneous date nights.

According to studies, one of the best ways to boost your relationship dynamics is by exercising together. Rather than just playing game night, try also doing some inchworms, morning runs, or couple-yoga practices together. It not only improves your overall health but also boosts your sexual life – exercise helps you feel sexier and in love!

An impromptu weekend getaway or summer vacation can also be very empowering. It allows you to create memories together, meet new people, discover different cultures, and share a worldwide experience. What could be more romantic than that? 

●    Have Sex Regularly: Unlike what most believe, sex is crucial to any romantic relationship. It helps get rid of the anxiety that couples feel when it comes to sexual performance and creates a more intimate connection. 

According to sex experts, a couple who have sex at least four times a week has a better connection, improved sleep patterns, reduced stress, and better communication patterns. 

Having sex on a regular basis is not enough alone to maintain a romantic relationship. Quality is important, so invest time in making time in the bedroom (or elsewhere!) special, with plenty of foreplay as well as the actual intercourse. Confidence is everything too when it comes to the bedroom, so make sure that you are feeling your absolute best when it comes to your body image, mental health. If not, think about ways you can address any insecurities you have. For example, you may be pondering the question of why enlarge the penis head? Many men find this increases sexual satisfaction and performance, so might be something worth looking into if you want to maximise the sensations during intercourse.

Therefore, make time and have some steamy bedroom experiences often. If you have erectile dysfunction, check out Maxoderm reviews online and see if the product can help improve your sexual performance and allow you to have better sex, and ultimately improve your relationship with your partner. 

●    Manage Your Expectations: One of the biggest mistakes people make in relationships is projecting their expectations to their partners. You want a partner who provides financially, sexually, and one who behaves a certain way.

You create your image of a perfect partner and expect your significant other to tick all the boxes, forgetting that your partner is human and their person. Even prince charming wasn’t perfect. 

Yes, it is good to have some standards when dating, but don’t expect to have a completely 100% ‘perfect in your eyes’ partner. When you acknowledge that your significant other has their flaws and love them as they are, then you can be a step closer to having a happy relationship.

●    Remember the Small Things: The tiniest of gestures help keep the spark alive in your relationship. To echo the great saying, ‘love is kind,’ and the happiest couples are kind to each other. Saying please, you’re welcome, and thank you should not only be reserved for your elders, workplace, or clients. Extend the same respect and appreciation to your partner, and your relationship will thrive.

Additionally, show them small acts of kindness like hugging them when they had a bad day, actively listening, penning an ‘I love you’ note on their home office work desk, or even making them a hot cup of tea when it is cold. They are small acts but powerful and they help fuel your relationship and take it to a whole new level.   

●    Make Time to Focus on Yourself: How you feel about yourself influences how you act in a relationship. For instance, if you’re conscious about your appearance, you’ll always look for assurance in your relationship. To avoid such toxicity, it’s crucial to have an unbreakable relationship with yourself.

Adopt an ideal fitness routine if you feel unhealthy, invest in new hobbies that make you feel energized, make plans with your friends, and take steps in discovering who you are as a person.

By loving who you are, you’ll naturally become the best version for yourself and your partner. You won’t feel the need for validation from him, and you’ll be present in the relationship. 

Bottom Line

A relationship is like a plant – it either grows or dies. When you put your time into watering it (investing in it), it nourishes and thrives. However, when your relationship starts struggling, that means that parts are being neglected.

To strengthen your relationship, you have to prioritize and dedicate your time and energy to making it blossom into something beautiful. You can do so by practicing open communication, learning each other’s love languages, or investing in the best male enhancement supplement for the best sexual experience. 

It doesn’t take much effort but to respect each other, acknowledge your feelings, communicate, and try new things together. That’s the only way you’ll have a happy, thriving, and healthy relationship.

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