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Iceni Magazine | October 16, 2021

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6 of the Cutest Date Ideas to Try this Autumn

6 of the Cutest Date Ideas to Try this Autumn

Autumn is here which means it’s time to get out the jumpers and start sipping away at those pumpkin spice lattes!

Autumn is one of the best seasons, there’s an essence of coziness and tranquility that lingers around.  But the fall can also be a great time to do lots of fun activities with your partner! While summer is great for hikes, spring is great for looking at blossoms, and the winter is great for snow, autumn is great for so much more! These are some fun date ideas that you can do with your partner (or your friends)  this fall!

Visit an orchard

Why go to the grocery store and purchase a bag of cheap apples when you can visit the local orchard and pay double? The logic within itself sounds so bizarre, but visiting orchards and picking apples and pears is considered an autumn “past time”. There’s something super about it, plus you and your partner can make so many tasty treats afterward such as pies, cakes, and so much more. You can probably do some cake decorating together too, just be sure to look into cake decoration suppliers so you can get all the needed tools for creating the cutest cake.

Stay in

There are plenty of things you can do when staying in. Staying in and getting cozy with your partner is one of the best tips in maintaining a healthy relationship. Autumn tends to get wet which can sort of ruin any outdoor activities. If you and your partner are bookworms then there are plenty of fun date ideas indoors for that. However, if it’s close to Halloween, you both can sit in and just watch some scary movies together.

Autumn Walk

Go out hiking

The summer isn’t the only season that’s great for hiking, the fall is too! What makes hiking in the Autumn so wonderful is the fact that you don’t need to deal with the blistering sun, the heat, and all of its humidity. Instead, you get this nice chill in the air, some sun, and mostly lots of clouds. In general, you’re going to feel a whole lot better and sweat a whole lot less.  Hiking during Autumn has other perks such as being surrounded by fall foliage. Who doesn’t love seeing those red and orange leaves?

Halloween date

Do all things pumpkin

 Pumpkins and Autumn go together hand in hand.  Fall is all about eating and drinking all things pumpkin, from pumpkin-spiced drinks, eating pumpkin pie, and trying out delish squash soups. This also gives you the chance to visit pumpkin patches, local festivals weighing massive pumpkins, and even getting around to carving and decorating your very own pumpkin.

Visit a haunted house

Haunted houses are slowly becoming more popular around the world, so it’s no longer just an American thing.  During Halloween, they usually pop up, especially at amusement parks.

Visit a cidery

While pumpkins are one of the biggest attention-grabbers of the season, you can’t forget about apples and pears. During the autumn you’ll find both breweries and cideries having tastings, little events and so much more. If you have a fall bucket list, then you can’t neglect this. This gives you and your partner a nice place to chill and sup away on some fun flavours.


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