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Iceni Magazine | October 22, 2020

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Here is How You Can Select the Right Size Skip for Your Project

Right Size Skip for Your Project

Skips are, without question, one of the most vital tools for managing residential, commercial, and industrial waste.

They are crucial for getting rid of the rubbish from a construction site, home, or office premises. An integral part of the waste management process, skips are essential for everyone. Whether you talk about an individual (living in a rented home) or a businessman (running a corporate company), they all need quality skips to eliminate the waste they generate. Lots of different sites, like for example, can offer quotes based on the type/size of skip you need, so it would be worth looking around these sites to find the best quote for your chosen skip.  

Similarly, if you are a construction manager looking after day-to-day construction activities on a construction site, you also need to hire best-in-class skips to manage your waste.

Everyone that runs an organization and generates a considerable amount of waste should use the best waste management practices. As a responsible human being, you can’t ignore the significance of eliminating your waste responsibly. It’s your duty; you can’t ignore it.

It’s essential for us to understand that our inability to manage our waste responsibility will damage our reputation. Apart from that, it also dramatically affects the environment.  So regardless of whether you own a hospital, manage a construction site, or run a grocery shop, make sure you hire skips from a trusted company.

Booking the right size skip is necessary for maximizing your skip hire experience.

Tips For Selecting The Right Size Skips For Your Project

Identify the Amount of Waste You Will Generate

Getting a rough idea of the amount of waste your project will produce can help you get the right size skips for it. So try to figure it out before finalizing a skip size. Although it’s tough to identify the exact amount, you can still get a fair idea of it. Nothing can stop you from hiring the correct size skip if you know how much rubbish your project is going to generate.

Identify What You Can’t Put in The Skip

There is little doubt that you can’t put everything in your skip. So you need to figure out which are those items that you can’t place in the skips. There are two ways of identifying it. First, by making a call to your skip hire provider and asking their experts about it, and second, by seeking the assistance of the internet.

When you make a phone call, make sure that you try to clear up other doubts (if you have any) as well apart from figuring out, what is that you can’t put in the skips.  If it’s a long list of items, jot them down or if the same information is available on their website, check it out from there.

If you are somehow unable to speak to your skip hire provider, you can check it directly on the internet. Do your research well to get comprehensive information.

When you have a fair idea about what you can’t keep in the skips, you can hire your equipment in the right size.

Identify How Long You Can Keep the Skip in Your Site

You will get a time frame up until which you can keep skips on your site; so identify for how long you can do that. If in case you can keep the skips for a week on your job site, then you have to make the decision accordingly. Before finalizing the size, you have to think about how much waste your project will generate in seven days. It will help you figure out both what size of skips you need, and how many of them you require.

Let’s now take a look at different sizes of skips that are available in the market.

As a customer, it’s excellent news for you that skips are available in different sizes. So you can easily opt for the one you need. Some of the crucial sizes include 2-yard mini skips, mini 4-yard builder skips, 6-yard builder skips, 8-yard builder skips, 10-yard builder skips and 12-yard builder skips.

You can choose any of these sizes based on the amount of waste your project will generate. For example, if you are thinking of cleaning your small garden, you can opt for a 2-yard mini skip; it’s enough for your cleaning project. 

Lastly, skips are crucial for you so hire them carefully.

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