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Iceni Magazine | February 28, 2021

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Five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day during lockdown

Five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day during lockdown

February is the month of love. 

February 2021, however, may mean that you have been cooped up together for way too long. Romance is even more important in this case. It is essential that you show your lover how much you care. 

Here are five ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day together despite the global pandemic cancelling almost everything else. 

1.Indoor picnic

When you think of a glorious summer’s day, taking a stroll hand in hand by a beautiful river, the idea of a picnic is usually combined with this popular date. And just because it’s winter, that does not mean to say you have to forego a picnic. However, with snow forecast and many people having to either shield or self-isolate, only leaving the house for essential journeys, an indoor picnic is certainly the way to go. 

Clear your lounge furniture to the side and throw a blanket on the floor. Prepare your partner’s favourite foods alongside some of the more romantic ingredients out there, such as chocolate-coated strawberries. Be sure to have a bottle of champagne to hand as well. If you’re keen to make the experience more authentic, try playing background noise through the television with ducks quacking or forest animals and twigs snapping. 

2.Recreate your first meal

Love and food go hand in hand. Creating the perfect mood can be simple when you cook the food your partner loves to eat. Whether the first meal you shared together was in a restaurant or at home, there is nothing stopping you from doing your best to recreate it. Even if you’re the complete opposite of James Martin, the lengths you go to will surely be appreciated. Don’t forget to recreate the ambience, too, by considering mood lighting and music playing. It would be even more special if you were able to wear the same outfits. 

3.Take a walk

take a walk

A walk might not sound the most romantic of things, but if you slow your pace, hold each other’s hands and reminisce as you stroll, it can be a magical experience. Remember that you are only permitted to leave your house for one exercise session a day, so make it count. Pack some sweet treats in your pocket and even carry a flask of tea (or something a little stronger… hic!) to enjoy along the way.  Just don’t get lost. It’s very easy to be at one another’s throats when you can’t find your way. 

4.Watch the stars

Yes, it’s winter. Yes, snow is predicted. Yes, you can wrap up warm. And yes, your chiminea can serve its purpose even in February. Grab a couple of deckchairs, light the fire and wrap up warm together under a blanket (not too close to the flames, of course). Enjoy watching the stars, making wishes on any shooting ones you spot. This could also be the perfect time to toast marshmallows, feeding them to each other. 

5.Bedroom lock-in 

Remember the early days of your relationship when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Put yourself back in that moment and recreate it by having a bedroom lock-in, only leaving to use the bathroom and other necessities. Take the time to explore your partner’s body once again. Don’t rush anything. Just savour the moment and enjoy the quality alone time together.

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