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Iceni Magazine | August 18, 2022

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The Perfect Place: 5 Tips For Businesses Looking To Expand Their Office Space

Finding a new office space

When we welcomed 2020 on New Year’s day, no one could have predicted that the world would be brought to a standstill only a few months later.

Coronavirus caused a massive impact on the lives of millions of people around the world and also on businesses in every sector.

Unfortunately, Covid hit some industries harder than others, causing reduced working hours and, for some, unemployment. However, for some businesses, the pandemic had the opposite effect. Over the past year, numerous businesses saw an increase in their workload and a rise in clients turning to their company for their services. With this sudden rise in work, businesses began to hire more talent to their firm to cope with the influx of work.

With firms beginning to open their office doors and welcome back their team, some businesses are looking for larger premises to accommodate their bigger workforce.

Finding a new office space is never easy, as such here are a few tips to keep in mind when you begin the search to find a new office space to expand your business.

Keep The Team In Loop

With business booming and the hopes to expand on the cards, it might feel as though the future is looking bright for your company. However, this feeling might not be shared with your workforce. Discussions regarding the business expanding can cause some employees to feel a little uncomfortable, especially when those talks turn into rumours about relocation to a different area or the possibility of redundancies.

Inform your workforce about the company’s plans to expand, keep them updated through each step so they know they are part of the firm’s big plans for the future. These small acts will help to ensure that your team members feel valued by the company and boost morale amongst staff. Most of all, it will help to keep the rumour mill quiet.

Consider The Space You Need

If you are one of the fortunate group who seemed to thrive during the pandemic, bringing more people on board your expanding business, you would want to find a space that will accommodate everyone when it is safe to return. Before you begin your search for a new office ask yourself ‘How Much Office Space Do I Need’?

Consider what the future holds and if you will be hiring new talent for your company. If your business is growing and the chances of welcoming new team members are high, you might go for an office space that will be accommodating to additional employees.

With the importance of distancing still in effect, you might want to look for a space that will allow everyone to return, whilst maintaining a safe distance from one another. However, moving to a bigger office space means that it will be costly to the business to rent or buy the new space.

You might consider whether or not you genuinely do need a larger space. An alternative option, one that might be ideal for employees due to the current climate, is offering the choice of working remotely. This way, employees that did not feel comfortable working in an office space can continue to work from home and you can overcome potential crowding within the office. As a result, this helps to cut the overheads of your business, whilst increasing staff morale and productivity within your company.

Consider What Works And What Doesn’t

Searching for the perfect office space to relocate to is going to take time and can not be achieved overnight. You will find during your search that every office varies in its benefits and drawbacks.

During the hunt for your new office space, keep in mind what currently works in the space you have and what doesn’t. This will help in narrowing down your search about the type of space that you are after. When creating the list of what things the new space should have, communicate with your team. Ask for their opinions on what would be beneficial to them, their preference on location or things they would like the office to have. After all, the office space is where they will be working, so it has to be a place they feel comfortable and that they can be productive.

Deciding on the location of your new office space is incredibly important. Not only is it the place where you and your team will be working but it could help position your business for further growth in the years to come.

Decide On A Location And Stay Updated

When on the search for new office space, decide where the ideal location for this new space. Look for bigger premises in the area that are available, as well as some that might be touch further out. However, take note of the areas where your current employees are living and the distance to your current office location.

If you find a new space that is too far to travel for some of your employees, you might find that you may lose some of your current team members. This is if the option of remote working is not possible, or if they would prefer to go into an office to work.

After deciding on a location that you want your company to relocate to keep a constant lookout for new spaces that enter the market. Just like the housing market, once a new property becomes available they are almost immediately snapped up.

Change In Style

Moving into a new office is a chance to start fresh and begin a new chapter of your company’s journey. With this change, consider looking for office spaces that do not look similar to the ones you are currently occupying. This move is your chance to think outside the box in terms of style, so look for alternative spaces that could be transformed into a modern, functioning office. If you choose to go with an alternative style of space, you might strike gold with having the price reduced.

Alternative workplaces are on the rise, as they are changing where and how people work. Numerous businesses are beginning to consider alternative office styles, as a way to mix things up with the hopes to boost the team’s creativity and productivity.

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