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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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First impressions count: perfecting your office space

First impressions count: perfecting your office space

We all know the expression ‘first impressions count’, and they actually do.

If someone is unhappy with what they see in a workplace or a meeting place, it is unlikely that they will change their minds without something drastic happening. Perfecting your office space does not have to be a challenge, and you will undoubtedly be excited by the results.


Can you remember walking into a building and being dazzled by bright, overpowering lights? Or perhaps quite the opposite with struggling to focus properly with not enough lighting? It is imperative that you have as much natural light in your office space as possible, which some studies suggest improve workers’ happiness, job satisfaction and productivity. Furthermore, having the right lights can ensure that people are healthier, with fewer headaches and less eye strain.


Having a suitably sized desk is necessary for all workers, although hot desking is becoming a lot more popular, especially since the pandemic. With a space just big enough for a monitor, keyboard and mouse, for example, there will be no more room for paperwork or any personal belongings, which could be detrimental to the emotions of your employees. Also consider the type of desks you opt for as rise and fall ones are increasingly popular. When workers have the option of standing to work, it gives them the opportunity to stretch their backs and avoid severe pain, which could lead to sick days.


Choosing your office seating is something that requires significant thought and research. It is imperative that you consider both your budget and the type you require. From sofas to individual desk chairs, meeting room chair to go around the board table and those to welcome your potential clients, there are so many options. For individual chairs, always go for something that can be adjusted to ensure that the health and safety concerns of desk working can be met. For sofas, try to choose something that is stain-resistant and in a colour that will stay vibrant for a long time.


Offices are working environments, but they should also have an air of quirkiness, too. All white and you are projecting a bland, sterile environment. All one pastel shade and you may come across as old-fashioned and somewhat dull. Always spend time choosing the right colour for your office space. Coordinating it with your brand colours is a good idea. However, you do not want to go overboard with brightness. Instead, try a splash of your main shade with a feature wall or some accessories.


Finally, for the perfect office to give off the best first impression, you need to get those accessories right. Don’t think to the seaside gift emporium that has shelves and shelves of dusty trinkets and souvenirs. Instead, think of things that enhance the office environment. Plants in the office offer two important things. Firstly, they can look attractive (just ensure that they are looked after!). Secondly, they can help purify the air, making your office a much healthier place to be. Other accessories that you could consider are desk tidies and in and out trays. Some workplaces provide photo frames for their employees to display their favourite family snap.

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