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Iceni Magazine | April 19, 2021

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Influence Marketing: The Best Comparison Tool in Social Media

Influence Marketing: The Best Comparison Tool in Social Media

Marketing experts analyzed various online promotion statistics and specified that influencer marketing could be a hugely prosperous strategy of increasing a brand’s presence and message.

Especially the researchers denoted the rapid growth in the usage of Instagram and TikTok social platforms around the past few years, as both online networks accept above million active followers monthly. Instagram Stories section also grasped rapid development and is currently leading various marketing techniques than Snapchat.

Several leading organizations and brands are stepping inside social platforms to progress influencer marketing. The influencer method highly fulfills the niche interests of social users and marketing aspects. However, Trollishly suggested that brand marketers were initially required to discover the right influencers related to their product, service, or business domain. Futures marketing in online networks relies on forming interactions organically.

Let’s consider the development of Influencer marketing techniques on Instagram and TikTok social platforms.

Categories Of Influencer In Instagram


Or Nano creators are usual Instagram users who have followers ranging between 1,000 to 5,000 profiles. Leading organizations are practicing the value of this influencer marketing strategy. At present, advertisers are associating with Nano-influencers fitting inside digital strategy. In recent days, brands like Remington and Gillette Venus implemented influencer campaigns, as their target is 1000 followers. These influencers are apt for upcoming brands to start alliances and promotions to limited users on Instagram.

Macro-influencers – are categorized as creators possessing large quantities of followers as a minimum of 100,000 valid users inside their profile. Although promotions with macro-influencers regularly involve a significant investment, companies’ autonomy in choosing the real influencer to effort with, and the capability to deliver specific guidelines give advertisers more control over the promotion. For instance: Ronaldo endorsed Nike’s products over 59 posts on Instagram for around 12 months, it resulted in profits of US $13 million to brand in a few weeks.

Micro-influencers – Companies are growing promotions in cooperating with micro-influencers. They were typically considered for their lesser number of supporters ranging from 1000 to about 100,000. On Instagram, micro-influencers remained to harvest advanced audience engagement amounts as related to macro-influencers. Benefits include less investment, as it is manageable to maximum brands or industries, and functioning with different influencers in a single campaign. For example, Maybelline hired micro-influencers and produced 73,700 views with 36 million impressions on Instagram. Creators contributed 10,900 engagements over the blogs posted.

Mega influencers – Denotes social media stars comprising 1m+ valid followers on the platform. These celebrities work with brands that seek massive brand awareness as their goal. Mega influencers don’t possess an intimate connection with their followers, and Brands sometimes consider these influencers as slightly trustworthy than other categories of influencers with smaller, highly committed followers.

Role of Influencers in Giveaways (Instagram)

Instagram giveaways are bounded-time campaigns in which advertisers’ permits to give away a creation or amenity to Instagram followers agreeing to a stated set of conditions. The significant benefit of Instagram giveaways and contests is that inspiring Instagram users to drive brand awareness.

Leading organizations practice giveaways by inspiring a more extensive customer base that advance user interests to contribute to the challenge by tagging groups and networks. Giveaways enhance product visibility and educate more audience about products.

Giveaways also deliver brands to the trove of UGC (user-generated content). For example, when a brand tracks a selfie contest, advertisers can hire valuable influencers on a long-term basis for the brand’s Instagram page. Individuals who gain a contest or giveaway can be highlighted on Instagram’s brand pages to inspire them. Giveaway’s challenge strengthens the loyalty and reliability of brands on Instagram.

Hashtags in Instagram

Hashtags are a significant strategy to enlarge several brands’ Instagram viewers. When brands place a hashtag to the post, it represents their products on the feed page. Hashtag’s terms placed on the Instagram stories section inspire many followers to search products specifically and purchase, resulting in higher engagements and conversions.

Brands can contain up to 30 hashtags on a regular post and are able to place ten hashtags on a Story section. Instagram hashtags provide brands to build networks online and enable them to practice cross-promotions of products. Instagram limited brands to put about 11 hashtags as a standard to start the campaign.

Top Trending Hashtags of Instagram in 2020:

 #love – 1.824 billion posts

 #instagood – 1.143 billion posts

 #fashion – 807.1 million posts

 #photooftheday – 792.4 million posts

 #beautiful – 657.4 million posts


Types Of Influencers In TikTok

Nano–Influencers – These influencers are the beginners on several brand’s tiers of creators, their smaller counts associated with various businesses succeeded in higher engagements. These influencers possess extremely-committed audiences that advanced a particularly stable connection to brands. Nano creators usually focus on a particular industry and function, competent to absorb a typical 8.7% of the users, while creators and celebs are merely up to 1.7% over TikTok.

Micro-Influencers – Presently, industries and advertisers are getting involved in the massive strategy of TikTok Influencer Marketing. Brands approach targeted audiences through campaigns by associating with niche micro-influencers on the TikTok social platform. Micro-influencer comprises valid social platform follower-counts of roughly 1000 to 100,000 users. In real-time, brands hire niche influencers in TikTok for advertising health products, food, or fashion on the platform. Leading brands harnessed more presence and heightened sales in TikTok.

Macro-Influencers are groups of creators representing the main level of long-lasting creators and celebrities on the TikTok platform. These influencers are recognized online characters, collectively consisting of 750,000 to 2,500,000 users in their TikTok profile. As Nano and Micro-influencers act as particular skillful domains, macro-influencers signify corporations and other established businesses as frontrunners. Macro-influencers implement the strategy of cross-marketing on social platforms.

Influencer Takeover Ads In TikTok

The usage of ads over TikTok is still comparatively new and practiced by more brands in a short period. TikTok charges relatively higher than Instagram, but it levitates a higher brand presence to millions of followers by functioning with the right influencers in a week. Brands are allowed to post ads using several effects on TikTok, and the app bids the brand advertisers to analyze real assessing metrics such as clicks, impressions, and reach to conclude the outcomes of campaigns.

Takeover ads can be acquired for a product’s landing page or inside Hashtag Challenge, and TikTok provides ads selectively to brands each day. It indicates one product can perform take over classification per day, and brand competition is lesser than Instagram. Brand Takeover ads posted through the format of product images, GIFs, and video clips.

Organic TikTok Challenges By Influencer Marketing

The TikTok ads offer brands a place worth including 4 to 5 hashtags in each post. Sponsored hashtag challenges are posted in the method of a banner ad over discover a page that will drive followers to the brand’s challenge page, including guidelines for the problem and engaging content along with the hashtag. Brands can procure more conversions organically through hashtag challenges in TikTok.

For Instance, A leading fashion brand, “Guess” in TikTok, implemented hashtag challenge in the name of #InMyDenim challenge. This campaign made each user on the TikTok app directed to the challenge page and requested followers to post images of denim outfits. The contest included many influencers, such as @ourfire with 2.3 million followers and @madison_willow – with 983 000 followers. The outcomes of the #InMyDenim challenge from TikTok received over 36 million views in a few weeks.

TikTok comprises implementing exclusive and engaging strategies to inspire followers. TikTok practices more significant content marketing for campaigns much better than Instagram and other social platforms. Brands can explore more creativity from TikTok users and can contribute to branded hashtag campaigns.

However, experts’ statistics include that revenue of $1.7 billion dollars being generated per annum by Instagram influencer market strategy each year. Additionally, denoted that 82% of influencer campaigns in TikTok resulted in success, some leading brands like Nike, Red bull, and Washington post prefer promotions in TikTok year after year.

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