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Iceni Magazine | December 2, 2021

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5 moving tips that will make your life easier!

5 moving tips that will make your life easier!

When preparing to move to another house, there are many issues to think about. You have to draw a plan on how the whole procedure is going to be, to make it a success.

Your excitement of shifting to a new location can, however, be short-lived once you have a look at all the stuff you have. This article gives a useful insight on how to make moving an exciting experience.

  1. Start packing early

First, you have to ensure everything you carry is important. Collect boxes in advance. They will help you handle your property safely. Start by packing the non-essential stuff that you do not use every day, followed by the essential and more fragile ones. Use pieces of cloth to keep breakables from damage.

  1. Pack the items in a clear plastic bin

The reason why you use a transparent plastic bin is that it makes it easier to identify what is inside the bag. It also acts as a way of separating the important items from the other myriad of things packed inside the cardboard boxes. The items packed in this bag include phone chargers, box cutters, power cables and paper towels.

  1. Pack an overnight bag containing all the essentials

There are high chances that you will be too tired to unpack everything when you arrive. Therefore, you can have a bag containing your important stuff, for example, clothes, toiletries and laptop. Moreover, you will need help along the way like having someone watching over your kids or  help with carrying things around. This will make it less tiring when unpacking your essentials.

  1. Wrap your fragile items (glasses, dishes,) in clothing

It is common for people to wrap their dishes, glasses and other breakables in bubble wraps. This helps you to save on bubble wrap. However, you can save money by using clothes and towels instead. You can also use clean socks for packing your glasses. This will protect them from breaking by offering another layer of protection. In this way, you shall have packed your kitchenware and clothes all at the same time. Also, hire a vehicle that has One Sure Insurance comprehensive insurance cover. This protects you from loss incase your things gets damaged during transportation.

  1. Labelling what is in your boxes and the room they will be going to

Label “fragile” on boxes that require extra caution when handling, especially if you are getting help from movers. They will then be gentle when carrying these boxes. Noting the room each box goes reduces confusion when unpacking. You will know the room that every box belongs to hence minimizing the time spent when packing items in your new house.


Shifting to a new house is a good and refreshing experience when approached correctly.

Organize the whole process carefully to avoid any difficulties. You can get a vehicle to help you if you have a lot of stuff.


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