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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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Making the most of the space in a small children’s room

Making the most of the space in a small children's room

The youngest child is often afflicted with the smallest bedroom, but that does not mean that they cannot have everything they need in their room.

In fact, take this challenge with both hands and with just a little imagination and time, you will be able to transform the room from cluttered and boring to bright and functional. Whether you are a dab hand at DIY or you need to hire someone to do the work for you, knowing your child has a room in which they can work, relax and sleep is vital.


The bed is probably the most important consideration in the room, but there is so much choice! For example, do you opt for one of the best adjustable beds in Australia or will your child want a trundle bed to allow their friends to sleepover? A standard divan bed is often a go-to item for many people. Perhaps this is because they are so readily available and it is what many people grew up having in their own rooms. However, times have changed and so have beds. In fact, there are much more suitable options for smaller rooms. Children’s Bed Shop’s assortment of mid sleeper beds proves that with its wide range to suit all needs. There are so many different beds to choose from, each giving the option for storage or additional furniture underneath. Some even come with desks attached; perfect for those who need an area in which to have peace and quiet to study. Choosing a shorter than adult-size bed is another option to allow you to save floor space. However, it is vital to weigh up the benefits as you will, undoubtedly, need to replace with a standard sized bed sometime in the future. Is the small saving in space worth the extra cost? It is also imperative to ensure you buy a mattress that is comfortable and will last. On average, we spend one-third of our lives in bed, so comfort is a priority.


Hanging space is an ideal addition for every child’s bedroom. From coats to smart shirts, trousers and dresses, hanging items prevents them from creasing. However, it can be challenging to find one slim or perhaps short enough. For attic rooms, the sloping ceilings can pose a large problem. However, children’s wardrobes do tend to be shorter by default, so certainly worth checking out. A chest of drawers is another useful item of furniture for all children’s bedrooms. Not only for storing clothes that can be folded, but sometimes books, toys and stationery can find a home in an empty drawer. If you cannot make space for both a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, consider a wardrobe which has both hanging space and shelves. That could be the perfect solution for you.

A bedside cabinet can be useful, if you still have enough space. If everything looks crammed in, the room will appear even smaller than it already is, so choose your furniture wisely. An alternative to a bedside cabinet could be a corner shelf to put a water bottle on during the night. Lights which clip onto the furniture are another good option, which would negate the need for a standard-sized bedside lamp.


The way in which you choose to decorate a room can have a significant impact on how poky a room can appear. Avoid loud patterns on all of the walls. If you would like to use bright wallpaper or paint, why not create a feature wall? Try painting the skirting boards in the same colour as the walls too as this gives the illusion of height. Don’t forget that less is more. Although your daughter might love unicorns now, avoid over-unicorning the room as it will look cluttered and overpowering. The subtle addition of a unicorn lampshade or embellishments to simple curtains would look far more sophisticated.


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