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Iceni Magazine | June 7, 2020

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A Job Provides Much More Than An Income

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Article by By Susan Leigh –

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Many people look forward to winning the lottery or retirement as being a time when they will give up work and do all the things that they have wanted to over the years. And yet it is not uncommon for people to defer retirement or choose to return to work even when they don’t need to. They may choose a job that has less responsibility, is perhaps part-time or unpaid, but many people enjoy the involvement and challenge of having an occupation.

Let’s look at how a job provides much more than an income:

  • Provides definition to our lives. When first asked about ourselves many people will reply by talking about their job. It often provides us with a ready identity, proof of who we are. We can look at our job description or the things that we do in a day and see the evidence of our skills and competency. We achieve measurable results when we have specific tasks to perform in our work role. Pride in what we do is a key element in this. 
  • Provides motivation to get things done. There is a saying that if you want something doing you should ask a busy person. People who are on tight timetables will often do something asked of them straight away. They need to, in order to avoid forgetting about it and also so that they can tick it off their list. If we have all the time in the world we would probably not get around to doing some of those additional things. A manyana mentality often applies. 
  • Provides urgency to our free time. People who are working often commit to making the most of their free time, enjoying their evenings, doing something special at the weekends, booking holidays, rather than just letting everyday be the same as the last one. They ensure that they spend time with family and friends, undertake activities, accept invitations, plan ahead. 
  • Provides relationships and friendships. The human side to a job is important to many people. The camaraderie and intricacies of relationships are a key part of the work environment, often more important than the money. Becoming involved in other peoples day-to-day lives, chatting, advising, sharing things makes for a better quality of life. Fun, laughter and the social connection play an important part. 
  • Provides challenges and opportunities to develop, learn and stretch ourselves. Satisfaction in work is about feeling that we have extended ourselves and done well. Relationships can play a part in this as sharing, teaching and supporting each other are all relevant. 
  • Provides a purpose. Many people enjoy being busy to a certain extent. Being busy provides the requirement to achieve, a reason to get up each day and often deadlines to work within. There is often a certain amount of pressure to dress smartly, be knowledgable and interact with others as a professional person. Some stress is good stress as it provides goals and definition to our time.

As increasingly people find themselves being made redundant, out of work, perhaps unable to find something to occupy themselves usefully, it can entail a difficult period of adjustment. Susan Leigh is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist who works with clients to maintain their self-esteem, positive outlook and confidence in order to better re-evaluate their goals and options for the future.

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