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Iceni Magazine | September 22, 2020

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How will technology change the workplace?

How will technology change the workplace?

What your employees need to know…

For those who have just joined the workforce, fresh from university, college or school, the resources they find will not be too dissimilar to those that have seen them through their studies, thus, making it easier for them to adjust to working life.

However, the more mature workforce may not be up-to-speed with such resources and gaps in skills could appear, it is, therefore, paramount that all employees understand the needs and requirements of a more up-to-date office environment.

Over the years technology has dramatically changed the way businesses work, and with no signs of this slowing, businesses need to be aware of up and coming advancements or risk being left behind. To ensure that each business can access new technologies, a secure and dedicated internet connection. Need help? Talk to the experts at TalkTalk Business.

So, what do your employees need to know about the workplace of tomorrow?

There are many developments and changes that will appear within offices in the years to come. These include:

Augmented Reality

The use of Augmented reality has been used within the digital world through the use of gaming. It’s

 popularity has grown through the years and the workplace is suggested as its next destination. The ability to put digital content as an overlay of the real world greatly enhances the capabilities of field workforces for example, training programs will be revolutionised by augmented reality, while a building worker can see the map of electrical, water, gas and telecom cables allowing them precise measurements of where work can begin.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology, more commonly recognised for its use within the health and fitness industry, is a tool that can be adaptable to the modern-day workplace. This form of technology could be used for employees to securely enter the office, and they could also be used for communication between employees.

Virtual Personal Assistant

Virtual personal assistants are already being used in the home through the use of systems such as Cortana and Siri, however, it is suggested that they could soon be making their way to the workplace. A cost-effective alternative that could transform the structure of an office.

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