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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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Why Organisation Is Key With An Ever Growing Wardrobe

Why Organisation Is Key With An Ever Growing Wardrobe

Did you know that the majority of people only wear 44% of the clothing they own regularly?

According to a recent survey by Marks and Spencer, this means that 3.6 billion clothes are left unworn in the nation’s wardrobes.

Ultimately, it is easier to wear those clothes that have just come out the wash and are sitting in a pile on the side, than search through your wardrobe, isn’t it? Therefore beginning a cycle of wearing the same things over and over again.

But the research also found that women spend an average of 17 minutes choosing an outfit each day which amounts to four days a year. The reason they spend so much time deciding is because almost a third feel their wardrobes are a mess and 48% confess that they need to declutter.

This can result in ‘wardrobe rage’ – an irrational tantrum directed at your wardrobe (and sometimes even a partner) each and every time you are searching through it for an outfit, because despite the amount of clothes we don’t wear many still state they ‘never have anything to wear’

This is why organisation is key and leading fashion stylists state that a carefully curated wardrobe is the answer. So, with that in mind, here are a few tips that will help you to keep the clothes in your ever growing wardrobe organised.

Have a regular clear out

It is important to sort through your clothes regularly and to be ruthless. There is no point keeping things because they might come back into fashion, you hope to fit into them one day or you are sure there will be an occasion to wear it. If you haven’t worn it for so long you had all but forgotten about it – get rid.

Sort your clothes by type

Start one end of the rail with coats, then move on to jumpers, shirts and so on. Once you have sorted them into categories, start on subcategories – dark colours, long sleeves, strappy, etc. This will help you to see exactly what you have and find what you need.  

Split them up into seasons

You aren’t going to wear a strappy mini dress in a floral pattern when it is so cold that you are scraping ice off your car each morning before work. While the dress will be saved for your next beach holiday, you will actually be wearing large knitted jumpers. So, by splitting your clothes into seasons, you will only have the things you do plan to wear for the next few months actually in your wardrobe. The rest, could be put into a clear storage box at the bottom, if you have space or…

Take advantage of a storage unit  

A storage company once had a man use their unit to not only store his clothes but also do his ironing. While the reason he did his ironing there is a bit of a mystery, the fact he stored his clothes there is unsurprising. 

One in eight own over 300 items of clothing and so using a storage unit is the perfect way to find the space you need without having to get rid of clothes that you want. Perhaps you could keep winter clothing there in summer and vice versa. Use vacuum pack bags and clear storage boxes to keep them clean and organised.

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