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Iceni Magazine | August 12, 2022

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Ladies Day: How to look your best on a budget

Ladies Day: How to look your best on a budget

If you and your friends have booked tickets for Jarrold Ladies Day on 3 June, you’ll already be thinking about what to wear and — most importantly — how you’re going to keep the cost of your look down.

You’ll need plenty of money left over for drinks and bets on the day, after all.

The best way to create an outfit you adore without breaking the bank is by starting early, and shopping smart. Here are our best hints and tips for putting a Ladies Day outfit together when you’re on a budget.

Give one of your old dresses a new lease of life

We all have dresses hanging in our wardrobe that we’ve only worn once, or that we bought for a particular event and never ended up wearing. So, before you head out to look for a brand-new frock that will join the collection of one-wear wonders you already have, shop your own wardrobe to see if there’s anything that could work for Ladies Day.

Of course, wearing a dress that you already own will save you money, but that isn’t the only benefit. It will also reduce the risk of you bumping into someone who’s wearing the same thing, and it’ll take a lot of the stress out of putting your outfit together.

When you’re looking through your wardrobe for a dress you could wear, see if there are any you know you’ll never wear again. If they’re in good condition, you could sell these on a platform like Depop, and then put any money you make towards completing your Ladies Day outfit.

Buy fancy jewellery second hand

You’re going to want to add some glitz and glam to your Ladies Day look, and pearl or diamond jewellery will help you to do this. To get the look without the hefty price tag, we would recommend shopping for your jewellery second hand. If you buy from a reputable retailer, their stock will look good as new, so nobody will know any different.

Est.1897 offers a wide range of pre-owned necklaces that are perfect for this. Plus, every piece comes with a one-year guarantee, which will help to give you peace of mind.

Shop for fascinators on the high street

You’ll often hear about women getting fascinators and hats specially made for Ladies Day, but this really isn’t necessary. A tasteful fascinator that complements your dress will work perfectly, and you can usually pick these up on the high street at a very reasonable price.

Coast should be your first port of call, as they offer a selection of hair accessories and fascinators that are sophisticated but fun. Plus, they come in a range of classic colours, so there’s bound to be a design that will pair perfectly with your dress.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t put together a gorgeous outfit you’ll be proud to wear on Ladies Day — you just have to put some extra thought into the way you shop. Take our advice on board, and you’ll be guaranteed to look your best on race day. Also, most importantly, you’ll still have plenty of money left over for champagne when you get there.


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