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Iceni Magazine | July 21, 2024

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Why Choose a Staycation?

Why Choose a Staycation

As soon as Christmas is over, in a usual year (which it certainly isn’t!), the TV would be flooded with adverts featuring holidays in the Bahamas and cruises in the Med.

January this year wasn’t like that, though. Travelling abroad during a pandemic was not seen as a priority to most. Instead, with a rapidly rising infection rate, many people were thrown back into a panic about the pressures of home-schooling and working from home. However, now that restrictions are starting to ease, many of us are daring to consider getting away from it all by embarking on a staycation. Continue reading for the key advantages of doing so.


While a journey within the UK could take the best part of a day, depending on your chosen location, avoiding flying could be an advantage to many. A staycation will help you avoid the horrendous queues at the airport (apparently much longer since Brexit!) and all the security checks. It is much cheaper to take your car and drive somewhere than it is to buy plane tickets.


Generally speaking, holidays within the UK are much more reasonably priced. Not only that, but you are also aware of the establishments that charge more, so you can choose which supermarket to use or which restaurant to frequent without breaking the bank.


Although there are some risks associated with flying, it is generally considered safe for the majority. However, that is not the point of us raising healthcare as an advantage of staying in the UK. Easy access to NHS is something that you will not find outside of this country. Likewise, if you run out of medication, it will be much more straightforward to get a repeat prescription while at home than abroad.

Whitby, North Yorkshire


The language barrier can be a significant issue for a large number of people when holidaying abroad. Even the seemingly simple task of ordering a meal can have disastrous consequences with vegetarians getting animal products or those with coeliac disease being unwittingly given gluten. Of course, there are some linguists who always successfully liaise in the foreign tongue, which is fantastic to hear, as well as the countries where the national language is English. Still, for the most part, conversing can be a challenge.


Some people turn their noses up when you inform them that your holiday destination is somewhere in the UK. Ignore them! There are so many beautiful places to see and cultural aspects in which to immerse yourself that actually, you may find yourself embracing that way more than you would if you visited Spain, for example. What do you really gain, in the cultural sense, from lying on a sunbed next to a swimming pool in the baking hot sun? Relaxing is important, too, of course.

Easy to Return

We never like to think of the worst-case scenarios, but if something dreadful were to happen back home, holidaying in Britain would make it much easier for you to return. No one can enjoy a break if they are concerned about something serious occurring within their family.

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