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Iceni Magazine | April 21, 2021

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Staycations: Future City Breaks Look Like This

Staycations: Future City Breaks Look Like This

For some people, the idea of a staycation fills them with dread.

This notion is incomprehensible to me. A holiday, in my opinion, is about having the opportunity to relax, to explore, to indulge in the delights that a new location offers. All of these things are possible in the good old United Kingdom. Ok, so the weather might be a bit iffy, but at least you can speak the language (usually!). In the current climate, it is essential to ensure you know the ins and outs of the government guidelines and restrictions for the area which you plan to visit. Even if you can’t travel right at this moment in time, there’s nothing to stop you daydreaming, and to whet your appetite, here are three of my favourite cities which have so much to offer:


For some, the mention of the city’s name can evoke memories of football matches, for others the famous Harry Enfield sketches featuring a group of men sporting ’80s Kevin Keegan hairstyles or the world’s first boy band, the Beatles. Whatever springs to mind initially, a visit to this culturally rich city will definitely alter your original perception. With an array of reasonably priced accommodation in Liverpool, it could well feature highly on your to-visit list.

To immerse yourself in nature, this city provides easy access to parks, promenades, waterfronts and beaches, allowing you the opportunity to feel safe and distanced from crowds of people. For interaction of the animal kind, try Chester Zoo, which is nearby. The Quirky Quarter is a fabulous fun museum, but for a more educational and profound experience, the International Slavery Museum might be a better option.


The big smoke is renowned for its incredible range of tourist attractions, but they do not end with Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge. Book yourself into one of London’s many hotels and then plan to explore the lesser-known areas. Try a stroll along the Little Venice towpath, featuring a wealth of colourful boats, or visit the Vaults underneath Waterloo Station, the perfect location for an urban photoshoot, if you fancy a change from the norm. 


Another northern city, far from the industrial image that some possess of the region, York is full to the brim with history, culture and architectural beauty. There is a wealth of accommodation to choose from here, and within walking distance of city centre properties, you can find yourself immersed in an educational experience. Walk around the city walls, seeing the magnificent views from up high. Don’t forget to pay a visit to York Minster and Clifford’s Tower while you are there, too. Finally, be sure to wander down the Shambles. When enveloped by the hustle and bustle of the booming tourist industry there, you can almost imagine yourself being part of Harry Potter’s world with the crooked buildings and old-fashioned signage. What a treat!

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