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Iceni Magazine | December 2, 2021

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Ways To Encourage Your Customers To Buy

Article by By Susan Leigh –

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Whilst shopping is meant to be a pleasant experience very few of us appreciate being sold to. Many of us will have experienced being hassled by an over-enthusiastic sales person only to make our excuses, leave and buy the very same item half an hour later in a more conducive environment.

It’s good to buy but not so good to be desperately sold to. Similarly, when our customers reach their own decision to buy rather have us agonise over the what, when and why of what their wishes might be it makes for a far more pleasant experience.

Let’s reflect on some effective ways to inform and persuade your customers and clients that trading with you is a positive decision; let’s consider ways to encourage your customers to buy your goods or services.

  • Let them see you as an expert. Be happy to give advice, support, tips for free. Be genuinely keen to help your customers succeed; after all, that’s a win/win situation for all concerned. When you demonstrate your enthusiasm for what you do, show that you’re not in it solely for the money you may even establish sufficient trust for them to buy or make additional purchases on your say so, happily returning and recommending you to people in their inner circle.
  • Don’t appear too keen or desperate to make a sale. Show that you’re prepared to walk away rather than appear over zealous about them making up their mind. Doing this removes the pressure and allows them to make up their mind in a calm, clearer way. They may even leave, reflect and return another day to make that very same purchase.
  • Be receptive to building relationships and connections with other related businesses in order to expand your offerings to your joint client base. Doing this expands your customer/client reach, allows you to recommend and be recommended, so increasing your visibility. By establishing a reliable network of other businesses you can become an invaluable point of contact, the ‘go-to’ guy frequently in people’s minds.
  • Use vouchers, offers and incentives as a reward for loyal customers. Keep them informed of any special events, launches or training sessions you may be running. Include a ‘use by’ date to focus their minds. Articles, newsletters and mailing lists are an effective way of keeping your business fresh in people’s minds and are a relaxed way of introducing new staff members, different skills and your full range of products and services over a gradual time scale. Existing clients need to feel important, be treated well and courted so they remain loyal to your business.
  • Don’t forget the power of the last item on the shelf! When there is one single, last remaining item on the shelf it can be a major inducement for customers to buy. The fear of running out of something that might be needed in the future can encourage an uncertain purchaser into immediately making up their mind.
  • It’s okay if someone doesn’t buy today. It demonstrates great integrity to tell a potential customer that your goods or services are not what they’re looking for on this occasion. This level of confidence can establish a relationship of trust where the customer is more than happy to return another time. Respect and honesty are important in maintaining a successful long-term relationship.

It’s often said that people like to buy from people not from companies. When we feel comfortable with someone, like and trust them, we’re happy to give them our business and recommend them to our friends and family members. Remembering these key points can ensure that old and new customers and clients choose you rather than your rivals and competitors.

Susan Leigh is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist who works with stressed individuals to promote confidence and self belief, with couples experiencing relationship difficulties to improve communications and understanding and with business clients to support the health and motivation levels of individuals and teams.

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