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Iceni Magazine | April 1, 2020

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Top Tips to Care For Your Pet Hamster

Top Tips to Care For Your Pet Hamster

As one of the most common pets, hamsters are a well-loved pet in many households. Hamsters are easy to care for and usually live for around two years, especially when housed alone.

It’s important to do a little research and know what you’re getting yourself into when adding a hamster to the family, but they make great pets and are really good with younger children too. Below are the top tips to help you care for your hamster properly and ensure they have the best quality of life.

The Essentials:

  • A Cage
  • Water Bottle
  • Food Bowl
  • Bedding and Nesting Equipment
  • Food and Water
  • A Wheel
  • Toys

Choosing the Cage

Firstly, you need to know what type of cage you need for your hamster. Make sure you know exactly how big your hamster is going to get so you can accommodate them and provide them with a cage that they’ll be comfortable in. You can find some amazing hamster cages toady with multi-storeys, tubes, slides and all sorts. There’s a wide selection of Rolf Hagen and Sharples cages to choose from on the Petwell website! Once you have the right cage, you need to position it somewhere safe and secure in your home.

Bedding and Nesting

Hamsters love to be cosy and warm, so you need to make sure you have plenty of bedding and nesting in their cage. It’s important to avoid cedar and pinewood chips, however, as the odour of these can be irritating to hamsters and cause issues with their respiratory systems. The best materials to use for the nesting in your hamster’s cage are torn toilet roll or facial tissues, as these are easy for them to use whilst also being more eco-friendly than some of the nesting products you can buy at the pet shop.

Staying Active

Whilst there are lots of unique hamster cages available with tubes for them to play in, it’s always beneficial to add a wheel to the cage to give them the option to stay active! Hamster wheels are ideal for letting your little friend run for hours and burn off some energy, without having to take them out from their cage. You can, however, also get hamster balls which are perfect for when you want to take your hamster out of its cage and let it have a little roll around the house. These are both great ways for your hamster to stay active and healthy.

Be Cautious

As hamsters are such small pets, you need to keep an eye on them very closely. If you notice that your hamster isn’t really moving much, seems quiet or isn’t eating then you need to take them to the vets immediately. It’s difficult to know at all times, but checking in on your hamster a few times a day will ensure you notice if anything does happen.


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