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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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Top 5 Ideas to Include Your Dog in Next Photo Session

Top 5 Ideas to Include Your Dog in Next Photo Session

Once you have a pet, it becomes family. It gets to a point where you cannot even imagine being without your pooch.

Your new dog begins to get invitations to picnics and many other family functions. Happy families take photos together. And since your pooch has brought so much fun, love and companionship in your home, it is only fair that you start including him in your photos too.

Besides, they make family photos even more adorable. Just like kids, it is usually challenging to get your dog to cooperate in photo shoots. With that, you will need some help. Here are some tips to help you capture the best photos of you and your dog.

  1. Train your dog

Dealing with pets is easier than most people would presume. The trick is training them. If you are planning to go for a photo session with your pooch, you need to train him and practice simple commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stand’ before your photo session. That way, it will be easier for you to make him stay focused for a couple of photos. There also might be that unique trick that your dog looks so adorable when he pulls.

If you want it to be captured, train before meeting the photographer to make the photo session successful and easy.

Do not forget to come with the treats

  1. Do not forget to come with the treats

Most pet parents carry treats and snacks with them every time. This speaks volume: gifts will always work. The good stuff will always make your pet behave accordingly. You should, however, keep the toys away as they tend to distract dogs. If you want your pup to focus, bring the delicious stuff, and gift them if they cooperate. Also get recommendations on the best dog food on

Rewards will also help your dog understand when they are doing something right: this will make your photo session smooth.

  1. Exercise

Why do you need exercise before the session? Exercise goes a long way in maintaining the focus of your dog and also helping him relax. Before you go for your session, you could first schedule some playtime with your dog or even take a stroll. Anything to make him active is acceptable.

  1. Make sure interactions and expressions are captured

Photos of dogs as they are doing their thing are always priceless. Do not limit your photo session to commands and posing. Have the photographer capture your dog licking your child’s face, or even when he is sleeping.

Photos, as you play with your dog, are also the loveliest.

  1. Dress for the photo session
Dress for the photo session

Dress for the photo session

Some clothes are not allowed to a photo session as they interfere with the quality of the outcome. A professional photographer should be able to suggest the ideal outfit for the activity. Neutral and dark colors look really great in a photo where a pet is included. Also, ensure that your clothes and shoes are spotless in order to add to the appeal of your photos.

  1. Clean up

It is not every day that you get the opportunity to take professional pictures with your pet. Ensure that you make the most out of this opportunity by keeping your pet clean. A good brush of the fur will get rid of the dullness. Well-groomed pets produce the best photos.

Photos help in keeping special memories. As you create memories with your pet, ensure that the moments are captured the right way. The tips above will help in making your photo session with your pet a success.


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