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Iceni Magazine | October 25, 2020

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Contemporary Design Trends That Are Easy To Incorporate In Your Kitchen

Contemporary Design Trends

In Norfolk, design trends lean to a comfortable country cottage, bedecked in florals and plush soft furnishings.

However, those who want to incorporate some of the fresher, more contemporary interior design trends need not forsake the great outdoors. Earthy colours and clever use of that Norfolk stone will go a long way when paired up with great lighting and a layout that works. The easiest places to make a grand statement if you’re leaning to contemporary design trends are the kitchen and conservatory. 

Stone Makes A Statement 

You simply can’t live in Norfolk and not have a good contact for flint. The stone is not only a staple of historical places in the region, but it also tends to lend an interesting focal point to any room. One of the best qualities of stone is its ability to adapt to many different design trends and when it no longer does, whether in it’s natural state or painted. Stonework feature walls and adding stone to indoor gardens will do much to push a contemporary theme. 

Crisp, Clean, Natural Flooring 

The single most effective way to update a kitchen or conservatory is by upping the game on the flooring. Original stone or wood flooring is worth the effort to preserve, especially if they’re still in good condition. Contemporary tile designs also offer different textures that will add a whole new look to a floor and can easily make the transition from the conservatory to the kitchen. Pair this up with solid hardwood and you have flooring that will not only last a number of years, but will be able to weather most design trend changes. Great flooring also happens to provide the ideal foundation for earthy tones, natural wood finishes, and floral wallpaper that nods to Norfolk design.  

Dark Kitchens And Stark Contrasts 

Just last year, we were exposed to duck egg blues and soft pastels as they adorned our kitchens a la comfy cottage kitchen. While the light walls, countertops, and flooring are still a thing, cabinetry is going dark. Black and navy blue kitchens seem to be in a hot race for the first slot on search engines. The best part about this simple design detail is that many homeowners are able to take it on themselves. A quick lick of paint is all it takes to update a dated bright, white kitchen. Oh, and of course, hardware that will make that colour pop. 

Key things to remember about interior design trends is that expensive changes should be lasting and weather well throughout design phases. Fads should only be relegated to inexpensive items that won’t run up that credit card balance.

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