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Iceni Magazine | June 11, 2021

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Things That You Need to Renovate/Decorate Your House

decorate your home

It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to decorate and renovate a home.

Whether moving into a new home for the first time or simply wanting to change the current style, there are necessary items a home owner needs to look for. Now, for those renting space, some of these suggestions are not an option, simply because of not owning the real estate. However, for the most part, it is always possible to completely reinvent a home, room or place of business, all with some basic instructions.


A room is only as good as the lighting. If a room has ample window space, it makes it easier throughout the day to bring in natural light. However, whether the windows are small in stature or at night, the room needs to have proper lighting. This can truly make or break the decorating in a room. If the lighting is inferior, nothing else in the room will look as it should. Lighting fixtures installed into the walls and ceiling should be updated to a modern look. For rooms lacking any sort of extensive lighting system, bringing in lamps is necessary. It isn’t necessary to change the furniture or other larger pieces when decorating or renovating a room. The lighting may prove all the difference.


Mirrors help the decoration process in multiple ways. First, this works well with the lighting. Sometimes having a wall light isn’t always possible. However, having a mirror placed on a wall opposite a window can brighten a room and bring in even more natural light. It also opens up the room. A mirror makes any room feel larger simply for extending the illusion of the room. For smaller apartments or for anyone who feels a bit cramped in their current home, mirrors can open up the room without spending a large sum of money.

Color Palette

For anyone renovating a room or home, the color palette should receive ample attention. Flat white walls can prove easy yet boring. On the other side, an older color palette can significantly date a room as well. Bringing in some color can help liven up the room and add new energy to it. Best of all, it isn’t necessary to paint every single wall the exact same color. In fact, it is possible to paint one wall in a room a completely different color and have it serve as an accent wall. This dramatically alters the appearance of the room and brings some much needed accent points. Whatever the color palette, a home owner needs to decide on the palette before starting. This way, the furniture, throw pillows and accessories can completely match each other.

Basic Hardware

For those starting from scratch with the renovation and decoration process, some basic pieces of hardware can prove vital. These are small areas that need to be addressed before the painting. For anyone planning on painting, they need to sand down rough areas of the room, such as the trim or other locations where the paint might be chipping. Filling in small holes in the wall made by nails, screws or other hangers should be conducted as well. This is an easy fix and some drywall putty can address these problems. Once the putty hardens, the home owner just needs to sand it down gently, wash the walls and they are good to go. New fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms can be picked up from home improvement stores as well to assist. Don’t forget to check the condition of the skirting boards as unsightly ones can make or break the overall impression of the room.

Home improvement and construction stores like Tim Lodge can greatly assist in the entire renovation or decorating process.

Article By Lauren Williamson


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