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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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Escaping reality: How to create your very own luxury she-shed

Escaping reality: How to create your very own luxury she-shed

We all need some downtime to escape adult responsibilities from time to time.

That’s why many women are decking out their old sheds, or getting hands-on and building something like a prefab she shed, in order to create a space, they can call their own.

As highlighted by Materialist, she-sheds are the female man-caves, acting as a special place to disappear to when you want some peace and quiet, whether that be learning a new craft or simply providing you with somewhere to unwind with a glass of wine. With plenty of inspiration available on the internet, you won’t be short of ideas when it comes to decorating it. But, if you’re not quite sure where to start, we’ve rounded up the key things you need to know when creating your own luxury she-shed.

Find your perfect space

Whether this means finally getting round to that spring clean you managed to avoid for the whole season, or you want to make your she shed from scratch, establishing what you want from the space in terms of size, design and style is the first step.

If you already have a garden shed that isn’t used for much apart from storing furniture through the winter, now is a better time than any to give it a much-needed refurbishment and to transform it into a space completely tailored to you. Start by giving it a good scrub inside and out and finish it off with a lick of wood polish or paint when you’re done! There are no rules, so be creative with the colours you choose.

But, if you’re starting from scratch, there are plenty of online sites you can buy DIY kits from. If construction isn’t your strong suit, there are a range of retailers who will deliver pre-assembled sheds to save you the struggle (see WhatShed’s top 15 picks here). The advantage of doing this also means you can choose your ideal spot in the garden to place your she-shed.

Consider its purpose

Before you start decorating, take some time out to truly reflect on what you’ll be using the shed for. Establishing its purpose means you can co-ordinate the interior to suit. For example, if you’re wanting to use it as a hideaway for a bit of leisurely reading and relaxing, you’ll want to prioritise comfy furniture and good lighting. Whereas, if you wanted to use it for painting or messier recreational activities, you’d prioritise a lot of floor space and good-sized tables to spread your work over.

Make the interior reflect your personality

There’s one definitive thing about this space — it’s all about you. So, make this the central focus of your shed — but remember that you can change it as you discover new hobbies and interests, or even new purposes for your shed!

Put as much or as little stuff in it as you’d like, depending on what you want the atmosphere to feel like. Filling it with intricate décor will give a homely feel, where some women may want to completely distance it from the feeling of a home. Keeping it relatively simple and spacious may help to give it a feeling of calmness. But, it’s not just the little things that matter: the larger furniture and statement furnishings can give your shed a real luxurious and personalised feel, so don’t forget to deck it out with the following:

A comfortable sofa or chair

Investing in a sofa or chair that you can easily settle into for an hour or two away from the rest of the world is key to any luxury she-shed. With so many choices of seating styles, from corner sofas to armchairs, make sure you choose one you can kick back and relax in, like one of these Sofas by Saxon recliner chairs (available in a huge range of colours and materials) to provide yourself with ultimate comfort. Depending on the size of the shed, you might even want to slot in a comfy bed to take that well-needed afternoon nap on. A she-shed can be a long-term investment, so make sure the furniture you pick is of a high enough quality to last through years to come.

Soft furnishings

Dressing your sofas and chairs in delicately blended cashmere or statement throws can add a very personalised touch to the interior. Scatter cushions can clash or accompany the throws, depending on the sort of vibe you’re aiming for, adding an instant comforting feel.

You might even choose to invest in a rug if the floor isn’t carpeted, which can help to lock in a bit more warmth throughout the colder months. Whether it’s a large vintage rug or a simple statement runner you’re after, retailers like Zara Home can help cater for all your needs.

Tables and desks

Depending on the size of your shed, it might have to be one or the other. When deciding on a table or desk, consider the material you need and want to fit in with the rest of it. If you’re going for a more artsy approach, a metal table can give it a contemporary look, whereas if you’re wanting to keep it looking more traditional, you’ll want to stick with wooden furnishings — just be sure they’re hard-wearing and will last a long time.


Central to your she-shed is the desire for privacy, so hang up some curtains that you can draw when you want to really unwind. Think about how long the natural light sticks around for currently and how light or dark you want it to be inside. In the height of summer, you might choose some lighter curtains that will allow more bright light in, making it seem more spacious and airy. However, in winter you might choose to have darker curtains which will create that dim lighting and cosy atmosphere.


Use little accessories to embellish the space: trinkets, ornaments and other treasures can really help to personalise your shed. Many high-street retailers will provide these goods, but if you’re wanting to implement a unique twist, hunting through car-boot sales and vintage shops will help guide you to those special one-off pieces. Draping the exterior in fairy lights through the darker months will lend it a welcoming and magical feel, so you can live in dreamland for that bit longer!

Don’t neglect the exterior

Potting up a couple of plants and colourful flowers outside of your she-shed will ensure the outside is looking as attractive as the inside and can give a really welcoming and homely feel. A doormat can help finish off the exterior and, like with your family home, will prevent mud, stains and marks being traipsed in, keeping it looking fresher for longer.

A she-shed is the perfect way to take a quick break away from reality and recharge. Whatever you prioritise, make sure the space has been completely tailored to all of your own preferences to reap the ultimate benefits of it. Whether you’re kicking back to watch that episode of Corrie in peace or using it as a creative space, cosy up, draw the curtains and revel in the tranquillity while you can!

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