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Iceni Magazine | May 30, 2024

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4 Real Estate Marketing Ideas Worth Considering

4 Real Estate Marketing Ideas Worth Considering

Real estate agents play a key role in home-buying processes.

However, recent trends show that homebuyers increasingly do the leg work before enlisting professional help. A UK study suggests that while some home buyers contacted an agent before beginning home-hunting, approximately 70% used online tools for searching. For these reasons, it is always best for real estate businesses to find ways to be one step ahead of buyers. With the above in mind, below are four unique real estate marketing ideas for your business.

1. Have a website

As earlier mentioned, many people rely on the internet to explore products and services before purchasing. This makes it practical for businesses, including those in the real estate industry, to have an online presence. A website is great for showcasing your products and listings to prospective clients. However, it is not enough to have a website if you don’t regularly add new listings or update it to capture new trends and offers. Since many businesses appreciate the need to go online, the digital competition continues to grow, so it is best to offer something unique to set you apart from the crowd. For instance, you can add useful tools like map view or mortgage calculator to your website. It is also a good idea to have client testimonials.

2. Target “unconventional” buyers

There is a new trend of families coming together to pool resources to purchase large properties. Likewise, many young professionals combine funds to finance new homes. A CBRE study showed a growing demand for multi-family homes, with some UK regions recording a 25% increase in 2020. You can tap into this growth opportunity by adding it to your marketing strategy since there will be more multi-family homes, multi-generational properties, and cooperatives.

3. Partner local businesses

You probably know the potential of local partnerships for improving brand equity. Irrespective of your business size or industry, there is a chance that somebody has not heard about your business. Fortunately, working with a local business can earn you some trust by association. Are there any local home décor showrooms, clothing boutiques, or coffee shops? These are businesses you can partner with to promote your listings. For instance, you can set up pop-up shops in some home areas as a unique way to encourage prospective buyers to come to your open house. These local businesses may also offer valuable insights about discount offers and promos you can use to sell your property.

4. Virtual staging

Virtual staging is an excellent strategy for arousing buyer interest. Staging your home offers prospective buyers a sneak peek into the feel and look of your property. According to a 2019 report, staged houses sell three times faster than the average “unstaged” home. While you can use the traditional approach for property staging, doing so online has shown to be more cost-effective and time-saving. Unsurprisingly, staging tools like CGI for Property Developers are crucial for real estate marketing today.

These are a few unique marketing ideas to promote your small business. Whether you are a beginner or already in the real estate business, it is always best to explore new ways to grow.


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